The Shaman’s role is to communicate with the spirit world, giving respect to the spirit of the ancestors, and to live in harmony with nature. The ancestors are the souls of the individuals who have gone before us. They’ve lived in this physical world and gained the knowledge and awareness that we’re currently here to learn before turn to maneuver to the invisible realms.

How does Shamanism work?

By convention, Shamans study the ways of the animals that live in their own lands. Animals are believed to have a purity of purpose which may help the humans to understand much about their own spiritual potential. During trance states induced by meditation or sacred rituals, the Shaman contacts their power animal and travels with it through the internal planes. This creature spirit literally or symbolically provides the Shaman important insights into their own nature, the character of the person seeking healing or counselor in addition to the needs of their community.

Shamans have many distinct roles but all function greater purposes in building bridges between the physical and non-physical worlds, serving the humanity and earth as well as touching the Divine so that healing may occur.

The Shaman is over all a healer and cultures have natural healing traditions; contemporary medicine grew from the abilities of the herbalist, the medicine person, the white witch, and the faith healer. The Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang is a potent indication of balance. The areas of white and black are evenly distributed and there’s a bit of each color that resides inside the other. Chinese medicine has attempted to maintain balance of Yin and Yang for centuries. Chinese physicians rely on energetic meridians, or circuits of energy, that passes through and around the physical body. When there’s an imbalance, these meridians are blocked or distorted and disease can happen. The initial imbalance may be physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual.

A Shaman could also be the fool, the clown, or the court jester using skill, creativity and humor to amuse or diffuse potentially dangerous situations or encourage religious learning and or recovery.

Many Shamans were the seers, visionaries and psychics whose knowledge of human nature, intuition, and power of divination are appreciated by others. These Shamans developed natural abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience and consciousness which are latent within all of us.

The Shaman’s capability for clear eyesight often stems from their capacity to attain altered states of consciousness which give them a larger image of the world and to see past the everyday events of community life.

Can Anyone Be A Shaman?

Some individuals are born a Shaman and others become a Shaman through training that brings their Shamanic potential to life. For many individuals, the path of being a Shaman is a gradual process that doesn’t always involve private trauma. In becoming a Shaman one must find a balance between the logical, reasonable, and logical side of the nature and their instinctive, intuitive, and ridiculous personal traits. Shamans must know about the complete array of human emotions – to sense them, live together, and draw inspiration from them and at the exact same time possess the knowledge to know when to simply acknowledge their own emotions yet overlook them. To regain touch with the natural world and discover areas of stillness and truth that will improve their power of vision, many prospective Shamans escape from community life for a time period.

Fasting, meditation, prayer and journeying generally facilitate visions through which spirits of the world may stop by the seeker, bringing security, wisdom, and consciousness. During a vision, the Shaman sometimes joins, or reconnects, to particular guides (an ancestor, animal, plant, rock or any other part of nature). Awakening the Shaman within frequently comes with increased creative power and ability, reversing the natural instinct to belittle our own qualities in these regions. Creativity opens up other measurements and expands consciousness. Those who believe that their Shamanic character is waking after a period of crisis in their life would do better to completely accept it instead of fight it. Many men and women discover that their instinct develops when they concentrate upon their own spiritual growth, self-healing, and personal growth. All people have a range of psychic perceptions as real and as vital as their five physical senses. Not all people have the exact gifts and skills in all areas, but all of us have psychic abilities which may be expanded.

Being A Shaman Of Today

Shamans have always been described as wounded healers – one who brings healing to others as a way to cure their own similar wounds. Being a wounded healer doesn’t require one to hurt their own life to be able to comprehend another’s problems or assist another cure. All that’s required is a willingness to heal one’s self when adhering to a Shamanic path and draw wisdom from one’s personal experiences. Disharmony and disorder often are caused by an inner battle between mind, body and soul or between understanding and approval.

The Shaman must negotiate a balance of body, mind and spirit within and help others find that balance. The body, mind, and soul are able to remain healthy; when this ability stops functioning, energetic and spiritual forms of recovery can stimulate it and restore the equilibrium.

Modern Shamans come from every social background and culture. Their jobs, however humble, seem to provide them the chance to serve others or serve the environment. Many modern Shamans decide to stay invisible and they practice their skills unnoticed. However, with experience and an increase in their knowledge and ability, they have a tendency to move to jobs that will enable them more opportunities to better express their recovery abilities and creative abilities. Shamans should reside in places where they’re best able to serve others and ease their own spiritual development. People who do their best to cure themselves and follow their religious path spiritual become religious teachers to others.

Shamanic Spirituality

Shamanic Spirituality has evolved internationally over the centuries. Today, the Shamanic-Soul is no more the spirit of particular individuals only. It’s an expression of the collective spiritual yearning of countless seekers of truth. Transcending national boundaries and religious divisions, modern Shamanism is an experiential path of transformation which invites us into a deep, living connection with nature and the Divine Source of all that is.

Contemporary Shamanism is a creation-centered, pragmatic tradition that permits exploration of the lower, middle, and upper worlds and entering into deep connection with the inner reality of a person’s heart; with the ancestors, stones, plants and animal allies; with the ground, sky, moon, stars and sun; with the One Source of all that is.

The methods of Shamanism might have changed over time but the goals are still the same: to love and accept self and others unconditionally, to live fully, joyfully, passionately and creatively; to grow in wisdom by studying the living book of nature; and to enter deeply into the reverent awareness that everything is alive, aware, and interconnected.

Shamanism Quotes

The Shamans of the International School of Shamanism consider:

Supreme Creator or Great Spirit is the Source of everything that is, everything that has been and everything which will be.

Great Spirit is in all and is a part of Great Spirit.

In the idea of sacred reciprocity: Today for you, tomorrow for me.

The Sun is our symbolic father and the Earth is our symbolic mother.

We embrace and highlight the highest good of all, a view grounded in the idea of unconditional acceptance and love for others and self.

Everything is interconnected at a living energy field. Everything is alive and aware.

Everything is related. We’re all brothers and sisters.

Life is a sacred ritual. Life is in this moment. Life is the path along with the instructor.

We’re a divine spark in nature. Each man or woman is a spirit in a body.
That the key to wisdom isn’t in searching for the ideal answer but asking the proper questions.
That nobody has all of the answers but we all can learn from one another.

That with this sacred journey, the experience of others serves as a guide for everybody.

Those who answer the religious call within need to rediscover for themselves the paths leading into the path and start their ascent to the highest good of all to a deeper communion with Great Spirit.

Each spiritual seeker must make their own way into the truth of the heart. Here in this holy place the soul of wisdom, the internal Shaman, expects a joyous discovery and blissful reunion.

With unconditional acceptance and love, joy and anticipation, we eagerly anticipate your longing to deeper study, prayer, meditation, shamanic journeying, fasting and over all selfless service.

We honor all religious expressions of the Great Path. We admit that ours is one way but certainly not the only way.

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