As a component of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture has been present for more than three million years and has led to good health both preventatively and aesthetically to many human ills over centuries.


As an energy medicine, acupuncture is based on balancing out energetics of the body and mind to promote decent health; to reduce and eliminate acute and chronic pain and aid in recovering process of ongoing health difficulties. It’s rooted in oriental philosophy and connected to natural cycles of balancing opposing qualities within nature and human body as a part of nature itself.

How acupuncture works

Acupuncture therapy relies on adding fine, hair-thin needles to specific points on the body meridians and to acupuncture reactive factors to trigger and stimulate healing and reduce pain. Acupuncture is used to treat the wholeness of the person and the acupuncturist uses very sophisticated assessment methods to ascertain the energetic state of the human body.

Then they decide what is the very best and shortest way to restore health in every individual conditions, on both physical and psychological levels. Combination of points constructed in a prescription is evaluated based on a very specific identification, after taking extensive medical history, observation of the pulse and tongue, and physical examination.

Acupuncture prescriptions are re-assessed and re-evaluated at every subsequent session and may or may not alter, according to the changes detected during pulse, tongue and palaption diagnosis.

How can acupuncture benefit performers

Preventatively, performers may benefit from acupuncture by preparing the body for the extensive endurance requirements they’re confronted with in preparation for operation.

By stimulating the flow of the blood and oxygen throughout the tissues, acupuncture reduces response to physical, mental and physiological stresses they may face in addition to reduce their susceptibility to stress and muscle cramping. Combined with the suitable instrumental and/or vocal technique, acupuncture can help the performer to attain long lasting optimum functionality without injury or pain.

If, however, the initial discomfort evolves into pain and frequently limitation of motion, injury often follows as musicians often push themselves beyond their limits, and, in my experience, work through pain. Inadequate rest, unhealthy eating habits, improper posture and mental and emotional strain further exacerbate this issue.

Because these are the warning signs from the body, suggesting that something is diminished and out of equilibrium, the performer must seek expert assistance, rest and permit sufficient time for recovery. Acupuncture at this stage enables the performer to recuperate by initiating healing procedures and works well by itself or along with a prescribed medical therapy.

Musicians injuries and acupuncture

There are several potential harms, such as physical trauma, sprain, repetitive strain injury, tendinitis and stress that musicians, and performers generally, experience today. Acupuncture is a well researched medicine model and there are studies confirming its advantages in treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, focal dystonia, shoulder and back pain, stress reduction, headaches and insomnia.

All these are quite frequent performers health issues that impede and restrict their performing careers. Many are treated with conventional medical treatments, distinct physical treatments, and, more increasingly, with acupuncture and related techniques of Chinese Medicine.

As acupuncture affects both psychological and physical facets of a person, often several performer’s problem might be solved in the course of acupuncture treatments. By way of instance, they might suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but also have issues with anxiety and stage fright. Or they might suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain but have difficulty sleeping, as stress levels because of pain are high.

When a course of acupuncture treatments is intended, the acupuncturist will consider what treatment program will work for the performer displaying above symptoms. It will work to solve the most important cause that resulted in the growth of those symptoms, and to reduce acute pain and distress, the main presenting symptoms.

Therefore, a very special treatment program is always prescribed according to personal conditions. Several treatments are often required to detect marked improvements and often life-style changes and voice or instrumental techniques must be adjusted. Acupuncture treatment gains always last longer if those changes are made and integrated as a norm in performers lives.

Acupuncture and western medicine

Acupuncture works nicely alongside conventional medicine treatments and along with other complementary medicine therapies. Initially, and rather short term, medication may empower comparatively rapid return to regular instrumental and vocal practice and is a treatment of choice for many in a competitive world of doing.

However, regular use of medication may promote additional injury, in addition to cause numerous side effects. These in turn have a profound effect on performance, endurance and general vitality. The use of painkillers, anti inflammatory medications and steroids alleviates temporarily aches, pains, swelling or stiffness.

However, prolonged use could be masking deeper rooted problems, as the pain often is a “great ” indication of body signalling the attention is required to prevent additional deterioration of symptoms.

Acupuncture treatment offers safe and drug-free immediate pain relief, in addition to long lasting health benefits that extend to all aspects of health. Because of the nature of actors work that’s often a vocation in addition to a job, it’s of extreme importance that the human body and mind are well cared for.

Painful conditions can often progress from acute to chronic if ignored rather than treated and the performer may have to deal with extended periods of absence from their tool in a recovery period. In my clinical experience, by means of Chinese medicine acupuncture both preventatively and post injury recovery periods are much shorter and susceptibility to additional injury much diminished.

Acupuncture consistently works on a deep, inherent amount of a person. Addressing the source of the problem leads to resolution of symptoms and improvement in overall health and longevity.