Astigmatism is a condition when cornea is not able to focus an image on to the retina properly. Someone who suffers from this ailment will see a fuzzy picture. The primary cause of astigmatism is a distortion of the cornea to become oval in shape as opposed to round that’s required to see perfectly and properly. People don’t observe that poor posture and a propensity to tilt the head for a very long time period may become a factor of astigmatism.

Natural Astigmatism Therapy

The main conventional astigmatism remedies are corrective prescription lenses, glasses, and operation. Most individuals do not understand that those treatments can surely improve symptoms.

Besides, wearing prescribed lenses and eyeglasses for a very long term will surely worsen the vision. It happened because of decreased sensitivity of the eyes. The other side impact also contains the greater sensitivity to artificial light and too little depth of perception.

Astigmatism treatments can be achieved by natural astigmatism therapy that’s wholly easy to do. Below are a few of the ways:


Roll your own eyes all of the way down and up in a complete circular movement for five minutes, three to five times daily.


Blink your eyes regularly to decrease eye strain


Cover your eyes with you palms for five minutes and breathe deeply. Do this every one or two hours.

Yoga technique

Do practice yoga to relax your eye muscles.

Rose water treatment

Apply two or three drops of rose water that’s mixed with a drop of lime juice to each eye. Do practice it three to four times a day and you’ll discover a dramatic effect to your vision.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners combine acupuncture with dietary modifications and conventional Chinese herbs, such as ginkgo biloba and ginseng to acquire a healthy liver function since they think most eye problems are because of diminished liver function.

Eat vitamins and nutrient meals.

Spinach and walnut are best to cure astigmatism. Put them on your menu as daily program. Carrots and tomatoes are also critical since they contain Vitamin A that’s good for your eyesight.


Astigmatism treatments have to be started as soon as possible to prevent additional issues which can cause a blind. The best method is to practice the natural ones without consuming harmful pharmaceuticals. However, if the astigmatism develops to be acute, a surgery has to be taken. At this point, check with the expert doctor and be certain to get the right information regarding the surgery like the processes, risk, and cost.