Cancer is a disorder characterized by uncontrolled growth of cells. Breast cancer forms in the tissues of the breast. It is normally formed in the ducts. It can be discovered using a mammogram or a via a self-exam. It is advised that these evaluations should be performed regularly so that early detection can be made.

Breast Cancer

With early detection, improvements in treatment and treatment, survival rates are tremendously increased. Symptoms include a lump in the breast, discharge from the nipple, or a noticeable change in the size or shape of a breast. Some of those elements that contribute to this kind are genes, age or even family history of this disease.

There are numerous alternative approaches for handling this sort of cancer. For instance; homeopathy, use of nutritional supplements, acupuncture, massage or use of herbs. Ayurveda can also be among those alternatives. This kind of therapy originates from India, but can also be used and accepted around the world as a complementary and alternative form of medicine.

Ayurvedic Medicine

It is used to lead to a faster response and lessen the unwanted effects of conventional drugs. It also can help prevent recurrence of ailments and also prolong survival prices. These medications can also be used to prevent diseases, to protect and to heal chronic ailments in the body. In addition, they are utilized to correct immunity disorders within the body.

In most cases, people usually go through the traditional procedures of obtaining a prognosis before therapy can be diagnosed. However, in circumstances where traditional Ayurveda is still practiced, the individual is asked questions. To answer these questions, all of the five senses must be used.

A prediction is then made and the necessary formulations given for therapy. Nowadays, most patients prefer to undergo conventional procedures of diagnosis. They then combine the conventional drugs along with the alternative Ayurveda medicine.


While taking Ayurveda medication for the treatment of breast or any other cancer, you want to continually drop by your oncologist for checkup. Formulations for ayurveda remedies are created using seven herbs and metals. The metals used include; silver, gold, zinc, tin, lead, copper, and iron.

However, cases of lead poisoning have been reported over time. This frequently occurs when a number of the formulations are prepared with excess lead amounts, over the regulated standards. Other reported cases have been deaths due to delayed use of conventional drugs because of belief in the alternative medicine. In addition, it’s necessary to get help from a practitioner before you medicate.