This guide is about a frustrating bout I had with Bursitis on both of my elbows. The inflammation was easy for me to fix as you may see below but the swelling was a whole other issue. It required a technique I invented quite a long time ago to fix the swelling problem which worked excellently. Herbs will always work, you simply need to find the ideal mix and technique to the problem you’ve got and apply it consistently.


Inflammation of the olecranon bursa, the bursa in the tip of the elbow is called the olecranon bursitis. A bursa is a fluid-filled sac that functions as a gliding surface to reduce friction between moving cells of the body. Bursitis is usually not contagious, but the bursa can become infected. Treatment of non-infectious bursitis includes rest, ice, and medications for pain and inflammation. Infectious bursitis is treated with antibiotics, aspiration, and operation.

There are 160 bursae in the body. The major bursae are located adjacent to the tendons near the large joints, like the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees.

How to treat it

I will keep this article simple and to the point. What I did to fix the bursitis swelling on both of my elbows.

I’m still not exactly sure what caused the bursitis I had in the first location. There were numerous things going on at exactly the exact same time and anyone of them could have caused the problem. I was exercising with some fairly heavy weights which may have caused the issue. I was using a seat that was too low at my computer station which may have caused the issue. I was also resting my elbows at the time on the sharp edge of the retractable keyboard table. And I was staying at my computer desk much too long and not getting enough sunlight that may result in a lack of vitamin D and may result in bone and joint issues plus I’m 65 years old. One of the first things I did was to remove and change all the things I was and wasn’t doing so I could take the strain away in the wrists, rest them and get back in the sunshine.

I then moved to all those things that I know have a reputation of reducing swelling and inflammation and preventing disease. I went to alternating heat and ice three times each day to decrease the swelling and inflammation. I began taking additional doses of a food type of the mineral magnesium to help with the inflammation. A food form of minerals and vitamins are important because you body can’t absorb artificial forms correctly.

I began taking anti inflammatory enzymes that I use to do the identical thing reduce swelling and inflammation. The Yoga shoulder and arm stretches which I had been doing I increased. I also went to see a massage therapist to find whole body massage with additional focus on the neck, arm and shoulder regions. I began rubbing an ointment I use, which has tissue repair herbs, in my neck, elbows and shoulders. I was doing all these things together which are proven to decrease the redness and swelling.

Be Aware of this

Bursitis can lead to infection, and so I brought my vitamin C levels up to ward off disease and also to keep my immune system strong. I also included a herbal formula and also olive oil that boosts the immune system and destroys pathogens that prevents infection reduces inflammation and naturally swelling.

The Results

Here are the results of all of the above naturopathic medical treatments I used. I had no disease at all that I am aware of and the pain became minimal and so I feel the inflammation was nearly completely removed. But the swelling stayed precisely the same and did not seem to have been diminished one bit. I was satisfied that I had solved all my problem but frustrated and exasperated the swelling was still there.

It was wearisome and annoying to have this swelling because I am confident you know. I’m 65 but I am still vain about my appearance. My left elbow in the start was a little bigger, about the size of a children rubber jack ball, a little more than an inch in diameter while the perfect elbow was larger, the size of a ping pong ball more then two inches in diameter (I took photos). I continued using the aforementioned program another 2 weeks but I saw no decrease in size of the swelling whatsoever, zip.

Into the 3rd week I was considering seeing a doctor to find the fluid removed by syringe or surgery. And if you know me this isn’t an option I need anything to do with as I think in “Physician heal thyself” in all of its significance. I haven’t used modern medicine in any form in 20 years and I didn’t want to begin now plus the price tag.

The Light Goes on Inside My Head

That same week I was preparing some organic cayenne pepper for a tincture I had been making. It struck me that this herb increases circulation to any area it’s applied to. Well there’s a highly effective technique I developed to intensify this herb and some other herb with it to accelerate healing. I used this technique when I dislocated my right knee at a karate injury and I also used it in my low back when I’d taken a fall from a roof years back. Both injuries had developed into arthritis and were preventing me from functioning. So I developed this herbal technique to concentrate the herbs to the arthritic regions of my knee and back that gave me relief and fully eliminated my arthritis

My Bursitis Herbal Remedy Technique

First I brought out the salve I mentioned previously, that has the cayenne in the formulation. This salve is a mix of deep heat herbs for pain and inflammation relief and also tissue repair herbs to promote healing of the affected area. I rub it into the joints or muscles which have problems with injury or the pain of gout for relief.

This is what I did for my arthritis before, and I was now going to use it to my bursitis swelling. I chose to apply it to only the left elbow at first to see if it’d work. If I had been doing this for the very first time I would try only the ointment and then add some more cayenne if necessary. So I took some of the ointment that I am quite familiar with and additional more cayenne to it and took photographs for before and after. I made a paste with both powdered cayenne and the ointment together and I needed it just hot enough that I could tolerate it. The cayenne won’t hurt you but you’ll feel as it is if you include too much. I wanted it hot enough so that it would bring on a recovery whilst moving that fluid from the bursa and I took more pictures of the procedure.

I received this glue nicely mixed up and then completely covered the bursa in my left elbow. Now like I said, I wanted to focus the healing bower of the herbs in this combination. So I wrapped the bursa and elbow in saran wrap then wrapped the elbow with an ace bandage. This will hold the dressing in place and as I said focus the healing power of these herbs. And of course I took photographs of the procedure.

I could feel the warmth within about 5 minutes and it increased till it was nice and hot so I knew it was working. I then left the dressing with the herbs on the left elbow for three and a half hours while I attended to other things It was late afternoon so when the time was up I removed the dressing and washed off the glue with water and soap. Even after the glue was washed off I could still feel the heat, but after 30 minutes it was gone and I took a shower.

Warning: you don’t need to place any hot water on that place until the glue is washed off with soap and water and you let a half hour to go by. Because the warm water will magnify the warmth on your skin.

When I awakened the next day I discovered that the skin around the bursa on the left arm was loose and the dimensions had gone down a bit. I reapplied the glue again for the next time, same quantity of cayenne into the ointment with the exact same dressing to focus it and left it on all day. By the next day the bursa on the left elbow was markedly smaller and I knew I was on the right path.

Once I saw how well it had worked for me I knew I needed to demonstrate the ability of the herbal technique by recording this in a post with photographs so you can see what could be accomplished. I searched the net before I did this to see if there were any other organic ways to decrease the size of a bursa and there was just one and out of the sites I was reading it was expensive and not very successful.

If you would like, show your doctor this guide and get his opinion on it. I’ve had many physicians who have endorsed the suggestions I’ve made regarding chronic ailments such as bursitis, arthritis and rheumatism. Usually they say something like this,”I can’t see how it can hurt you so give it a go.”

A Few Questions You May Have About This Technique

I’ve seen information on bursitis that do not include heat to bursitis. I sometimes agree with this but this isn’t real heat. The capsicum from the saltwater is tricking your nerves, making them believe there’s heat being implemented but in fact there’s absolutely no heat.

Will the cayenne injure the cells and cause additional damage? No, even police departments aren’t afraid to permit their policemen to spray a very powerful pepper spray directly into the eyes of a person who’s resisting arrest. They know that cayenne doesn’t damage even the delicate tissues of the eyes.