A huge percentage of the populace is turning to using herbs for hemorrhoids. This is not surprising because there’s also a huge percent of the population affected by this condition.

Just what are hemorrhoids?

This is the term used to refer to the blood vessels that contain the anus. If there’s pressure on the liner of the rectal region, this weakens the muscles which act as fans to the hemorrhoid vessels. This condition causes the vessels to become enlarged and can lead to protrusion from the internal hemorrhoids (rectal canal) or below the external hemorrhoids (skin around the anus).

The Causes

Hemorrhoids can happen to anybody at any time. However, as we age we are highly susceptible to this illness. Other causes of hemorrhoids include:

      • Habitual suppression of bowel movement
      • nausea
      • coughing
      • sneezing
      • maternity
      • low fiber diet
      • prolonged sitting
      • anal sex
      • obesity
      • a lot of lifting of heavy things


Someone suffering from hemorrhoids experiences rectal itching. They might also detect blood on their feces or a soft bulge at the start of the anus. They can also have trouble emptying their gut or completing their bowel movement.

If there’s excessive bleeding in the rectal area, it’s ideal to go for a checkup. This maybe due to an underlying and more severe disorder. Your physician can do rectal exams to diagnose your situation.

You can do a few self-care recommendations to alleviate this condition. Among these self-care tips are having hot tub baths, topical application of petroleum jelly or cream especially for hemorrhoids.  Along with these, it’s also beneficial to take herbs for psoriasis. These herbs can really help alleviate the suffering caused by hemorrhoids.

Herbal Remedies

      • Aloe Vera. This herb in the cactus family can help alleviate discomfort and pain in the anal region.
      • Calendula. This specific herb can decrease pain and inflammation if used topically.
      • Dandelion. By taking Dandelion in tea, tincture or capsule form, your liver can function well and the bile spread can help soften hard stools.
      • St. John’s Wort. This herb can help the swelling and inflammation due to hemorrhoids.
      • Horsetail. This is extremely beneficial in treating the bleeding from the rectal area.
      • Psyllium Seed. To soothe the lining of the gut, the vital oils from psyllium seed can be useful.