Cancer is at epidemic ranges. Typical strategies don’t remedy most cancers. They lengthen life for just a few years. Typical strategies eradicate most cancers cells, however most cancers typically returns later. It is because standard therapy does nothing in regards to the underlying causes of most cancers. Typical therapy destroys wholesome cells together with cancerous cells and damages the immune system.

The Holistic Protocol to Reverse Cancer

Typically talking, standard medication treats most cancers as a loss of life sentence. It’s used to lengthen life for just a few years, however to not remedy most cancers.

Whereas standard medication searches for the “Treatment,” various medication says we’ve the “Treatment” already- and the Treatment is the holistic thoughts, physique, spirit (power) method to most cancers.

This text focuses on holistic strategies which can be getting used to reverse most cancers. Holistic strategies embrace pure strategies, methods and products.

Traditionally, holistic strategies, methods and products haven’t been topic to well-funded scientific trials. However, there’s a lot anecdotal proof to help their effectiveness. Some holistic well being clinics which can be devoted to reversing most cancers that the 5 yr survival fee for holistic strategies is best than standard therapy by multiples. Relying on the kind of cancer, some holistic practitioners assert that the 5 yr survival fee for the holistic method to most cancers is as a lot as 90 p.c.

Folks recognized with most cancers go for standard therapy earlier than they flip to various remedy. This places various medication and the holistic method at a marked drawback. Typical therapy (particularly chemo and radiation) does large injury to the physique.

So, the holistic method used after standard therapy makes an attempt to reverse most cancers after the physique has been enormously broken by the traditional therapy. The remedy fee for the holistic method can be a lot increased if the affected person elected various remedy from the start.

The holistic method first identifies the causes of this imbalance after which eliminates, enormously reduces and/or mitigates them. The holistic method to illness additionally includes using pure strategies, strategies and merchandise to construct up the bodily systems- the immune system, the digestive system, the metabolic system, the lymphatic system and the circulatory system. That is additionally true with most cancers.

So, first holistic practitioners establish the causes of most cancers. Holistic practitioners consider the primary trigger causes of most cancers is a weak and compromised immune system, an acidic PH stability and low oxygen ranges within the blood and carcinogens and different toxins (chemical compounds, heavy metals and radiation) which trigger some cells to mutate and unfold as most cancers.

We recurrently ingest and take up carcinogens and different toxins. These toxins are within the meals, water, drinks, body products, cleansing products, the surroundings, pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

Different causes of most cancers embrace stress, negativity and negative power, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and a poor food regimen, i.e., a food regimen that consists primarily of processed and manufactured meals, meat and dairy.

Our bodies produce most cancers cells regularly. However, a traditional immune system swiftly destroys them and prevents them from spreading and forming tumors. A weak immune system can’t destroy most cancers cells or prevent them from spreading and forming tumors.

The principle causes of a weak and compromised immune system start with oxidation and inflammation and low energy on the cellular level. The causes of this embrace all of the causes listed above. The results of all these causes is to wreck the entire different bodily programs (i.e., the digestive system, the metabolic system, the lymphatic system and the circulatory system) and the organs-especially the kidneys, liver and thyroid. The top results of broken bodily programs and organs is a broken and weak immune system that can’t cease the unfold of most cancers.

The holistic method to most cancers begins with the assumption that the physique can heal itself. All that’s wanted is to make use of pure methods, strategies and products (meals, herbs, herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants) to spice up the physique’s potential to heal.

As talked about above, in holistic parlance, disease is known as “dis-ease,” an imbalance within the thoughts, physique and spirit that has a deleterious impact on well being. With respect to most cancers, there are imbalances and deficiencies that must be corrected.

The optimum food regimen to reverse most cancers is a uncooked organic vegan food regimen (which consists of uncooked organic, whole, plant-based meals). This consists of fresh whole organic vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds. They need to be consumed in raw kind as a lot as doable. This may enhance the immune system.

This food regimen contains a whole lot of salads with darkish green leafy vegetables such as collards, kale, spinach and arugula (green leafy vegetables include a whole lot of cancer combating chlorophyll) and an assortment of colourful vegetables- i.e., cucumber, tomato, onion, mushroom, celery, beets, pepper, radish, avocado, green and red cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and so forth.

Green juice, beet and beet root juices and carrot juice are additionally good together with smoothies. These meals are crammed with what the body wants for good health- vitamins minerals, anti-oxidants, fiber, water, oxygen and life force energy. When, you eat them in uncooked kind, you maximize the ingestion of nutritional vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, water and oxygen in them. This may enhance the immune system.

There’s a cut up within the holistic world on fruit as a result of fruit accommodates sugar (albeit pure fructose), and sugar (together with an acidic PH stability) feeds cancer. In case you proceed to eat fruit, make it low glycemic fruit akin to berries – blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries.

Keep away from complete grains that include gluten. Gluten is a type of sugar- and sugar feeds most cancers. One of the best complete grain is quinoa as a result of it’s gluten free and excessive in protein, nutritional vitamins and minerals. Brown rice is second finest for a similar causes, however it accommodates fewer vitamins than quinoa.

The everyday meal and snacks embrace salads and contemporary juices and smoothies. Eat loads of nuts and seeds. Nuts include walnuts, cashews, almonds and Brazil nuts amongst others. Seeds embrace pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds and chia seeds amongst others. Nuts and seeds will offer you wanted protein and fat (together with avocado and coconut). They will even assist stabilize mind chemistry, which is necessary for happiness and optimistic pondering which is necessary for a powerful immune system.

The optimum food regimen contains super-foods together with pre-biotic and pro-biotic meals. Superfoods are crammed with anti-oxidants embrace, amongst others, chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorophyll, fresh onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric, blueberries, goji berries, acai berries, chia seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds. Garlic, ginger and onion are additionally pre-biotic meals.

Additionally, drink water with contemporary squeezed lemon or lime. Lemon and lime are rich in vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant. Probiotic meals are fermented meals and embrace sauerkraut, pickles and kefir (which isn’t plant based mostly). Prebiotic and probiotic meals are particularly necessary to boost the immune system.

Refined salt is poisonous and devoid of minerals. So, solely use a totally mineralized salt akin to Himalayan salt or Celtic salt.

Eradicate or enormously scale back meat and dairy. In case you embrace them, be certain that they’re natural and grass fed/free-range. Egg whites and wild, contemporary water fish are the perfect supply of animal protein for well being. However, the uncooked vegan food regimen accommodates adequate quantities of protein. There’s a whole lot of protein in nuts, seeds, beans and complete grains (particularly quinoa). Greens additionally include protein. So, animal protein just isn’t wanted.

More holistic protocols

Listed below are another well-known holistic most cancers protocols:

Cesium Chloride Therapy

Many holistic practitioners use cesium chloride or a mix of cesium chloride and potassium for advance states of most cancers. Cesium and potassium make most cancers cells alkaline, whereas cesium chloride inhibits their consumption of glucose. Cesium chloride and potassium starve most cancers cells by slicing off their” meals” -i.e., sugar and acid.

Ozone Therapy

Oxygen destroys most cancers cells. So, ozone remedy is a part of the holistic method to most cancers. Ozone remedy is run by licensed medical professionals. Ozone remedy will get oxygen to the cells by utilizing oxygen or hydrogen peroxide.

The most typical method of ozone remedy is to attract a pint of blood from the affected person and infuse it with oxygen. The blood within the bottle turns brilliant purple. The oxygen- infused blood is then injected into the affected person’s bloodstream.

Ozone remedy could embrace consuming edible hydrogen peroxide blended right into a glass of water. Edible hydrogen peroxide might be taken orally when blended with water.

The foregoing just isn’t meant to be medical recommendation. It’s holistic well being info. Seek the advice of your doctor for medical recommendation.