Today on natural remedies for polyps we’ll have a look at the two key problem areas and move on the best treatments. Sinus passage blocking and infections are caused by polyps but doctors don’t know with certainty what causes these growths. There is evidence to support the concept that intolerance to aspirin can cause this issue.

Natural Remedies For Polyps

This of course isn’t the primary cause but a statistic which ran accurate whilst testing many individuals. Allergies aren’t thought to be a significant element in the progression of polyps but is considered that men aged over 40 are more likely to find this expansion than any other asthmatic groups.

Many Doctors have pointed to asthmatic patients as being more vulnerable to getting nasal polyps. Up into 1/3 of individuals with nasal polyps will have them return after a successful elimination of the growth because of frequent sinus infections, repeated colds, asthma among a number of other sinus issues.

Natural Treatment for Nasal Polyps
Okay, natural remedies for polyps are few and far between but we’ve found a very effective method here. Go get yourself some honey and horseradish. Take 200 gram of both and mix them together well. Now, take 1 teaspoon each morning and night before the mixture is completed. Your nasal polyps should be cleared up before this treatment is consumed.

If this doesn’t work for you then you might need to take a trip to your neighborhood Doctor for a closer inspection. Nasal polyps are among the simplest to rid yourself of, so don’t be overly worried. They are often cleared up or eliminated without much problem in any way.

Rectal Polyps

A rectal polyps can be particularly uncomfortable as you might already know by now. A mass of tissue breaks through the mucous membrane of the colon and the pushed out to the digestive tract.

There are lots of men and women who will have rectal polyps but not suffer some symptoms and the polyps are often found during examinations like a colonoscopy. Passing blood through the anus might just be a sign of polyps as well as Diarrhea. There are several natural remedies for polyps which have worked well for many, but, of course we’ve got the best natural treatment here for you.

Natural Treatment for Rectal Polyps
The size of the polyps in question will largely determine the right treatment in addition to the place, but if you wish to go down the organic route you will need to go get yourself: 6 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds; 7 hardboiled egg yolks; O.5l of sunflower oil.

You now must grind those pumpkin seeds in a coffee grinder or something similar until they turn into powder. Then add the powder into the egg yolk and sunflower oil making sure to mix very well together. Now, place the mixture on a steam session for approximately 15 – 20 minutes prior to taking off and letting cool down. Keep in the fridge for storage.

Every morning take I teaspoon of the mixture (on an empty stomach) and repeat every morning for another five days. After the 5 days is up, have a break for 5 days and then continue for another 5 days then. Repeat this procedure until the mix is totally gone. This is the most effective natural remedies for polyps so be certain you adhere to the program as provided above for best results.