Most women today wear many hats – mother, daughter, employee/business proprietor, spouse,… That’s only the top level material. Add to this juggling the demands of your growing kids, aging parents, and possibly even grandchildren. It’s no surprise that lots of women feel totally disconnected from what it means to really be a woman. Life is often lived on auto-pilot and we fall into bed exhausted at the end of every day.

Your Feminine Soul

I’ve fought with this feeling, and I’m amazed at where it’s shown itself in my entire life. I need to demonstrate that I’m independent, powerful and smart but also show my feminine, playful and sexy side. With our hectic, fast-paced lifestyles, it seems like many women have lost touch with their feminine soul – that wonderful, innate wisdom that’s unique to women.

We’ve also lost that feeling of community with supportive, like-minded ladies. In my own life, I did not have many role models that adopted the inner/outer beauty of being a woman, let alone celebrated the fact that we are women. Too often, the messages trended more toward the “pitfalls” of being female. What I seen was a new definition of what it meant to be a woman in our contemporary world – be strong and hard, power through, and do not let down your hair and show off your feminine side (very often)! We’ve got a lot to handle on a daily basis and I rarely saw women embracing their attractiveness and strong feminine wisdom.

Your Inner Goddess

But I have discovered that there’s a movement afoot to celebrate what it means to be a woman and honor our gifts, beauty and wisdom (aka, your inner Goddess)! It’s been written about for centuries and in many cultures, the Goddess archetype is revered, honored and, above all, celebrated! In my local area, I’ve created a Goddess Guidance group, honoring the divine feminine in today’s world, and it’s been well received. The numbers are increasing, and the girls who attend are educated and engaged and looking for this supportive, uplifting connection in their lives.

I received additional confirmation of the last month, when I attended a workshop designed around this topic. It was so amazing to be surrounded by over 100 girls all seeking the same thing – a link and understanding of who we are as women in this modern world. The script needs to be re-written and it is occurring in pockets all around us. You can be a part of it!

Tools to contact your Divine Female

How do you get in contact with your divine female on a daily basis? Here are some tools I recommend in my Goddess Group and with customers:

• Find Goddess messages that resonate with you. I draw from my Goddess Guidance cards, quotations, or lovely pictures of the goddess archetype. Read about divine feminine wisdom from an assortment of sources. Re-acquaint yourself with archetypes over history and see which one speaks to you. Then post them where they will inspire and remind you of your lovely, unique, feminine soul.

• Find/create your tribe of soul sisters. Start a Meetup group or put out feelers among your own friends. Sometimes just opening up the dialogue is sufficient! I can not tell you how often I’m told, “I’ve been on the lookout for this type of group/thing.” As I have learned, you don’t know until you try!

• Celebrate your feminine soul through happy movement! Find music that lifts and inspires you and allow your body move and dance into your internal drumbeat. I make this a part of each Goddess Guidance meeting. It’s a gorgeous thing to see girls dancing, unscripted and with no principles, in celebration of the inner light!

• Create sacred time for you to connect with your soul/spirit. Try meditation or sit in silent contemplation/prayer and seek out your inner wisdom. Ask a question and let the answer come from inside. As a culture we’re conditioned to look outside of ourselves for answers, but after we allow all of the noise collapse away the answers actually do come from inside.

• Embrace pleasure and fun! Remember when you last felt pure pleasure (you could have been a kid ) – prior to the pressures of the modern world took over? It’s not too late to get that back. How can you integrate that now? Now go and do it!