Essentials oils are extracted from plants, bark, flowers, fruits, and other botanicals to yield an extremely concentrated therapeutic grade oil.

Aromatherapy and using essential oils has been among the preferred alternative techniques of healing which is 100% natural and safe when used as directed.

There are several distinct kinds of essential oils for good health, including, but not limited to lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, tea tree, lavender, and lots of others.Citrus essential oils provide many different health benefits and these oils generally cost less than other oils such as lavender, and rose oil.

Varieties Of Citrus Essential Oils

Extracts of those fruits all fall under the category of citrus essential oils:

      • Lime
      • Lemon
      • Mandarin
      • Grapefruit
      • Orange
      • Tangerine

The oil is cold pressed from the rind of this fruit to yield a 100% pure therapeutic grade oil that’s used for various health functions.

Some of the health benefits include the ability to neutralize acid in the body and promote immune system health that then helps us combat infections, bacteria, and viruses improved.

All these oils, such as the fruits from which they are derived are full of healthy antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients. Citrus oils also encourage organic energy; they are uplifting and have anti-depressant qualities.

Lime Essential Oil

Lime oil has a sweet, refreshing, stimulating, intense, and sour odor, exactly like fresh limes!

Healing Properties

Lime oil is an antiseptic that can heal infections and protect against them.

As a topical program, it can heal minor skin wounds like migraines. It also helps psoriasis.

When consumed it might help with infections of the colon, colon, colon, stomach, and urinary tract. Lime oil may also help alleviate respiratory infections, such as bronchitis, flu, coughs, and is successful as a home cold treatment.

As an antiviral, lime oil might help fight and protect against viral infections that cause colds, measles, and mumps. Its astringent qualities help to cure toothaches, and strengthen the gums. Additionally it can help diarrhea, and may prevent clot by contracting blood vessels.

Lime petroleum is also an aperitif, so it activates the secretion of digestive juices to promote hunger and stimulate the appetite, something which can be especially valuable for those who have serious illness where appetite is an issue, such as cancer.

As a bactericidal, lime essential oil can be used to treat bacterial infections, like cholera. It helps combat internal bacterial infections in the gut, and urinary tract in addition to those of an external character on the skin.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon oil has a fresh, sweet, and citrusy scent.

Healing Properties

Lemon oil is uplifting and can help with depression. It is energizing, an antiseptic, an antibacterial, and supports immune system health.

It can help sore throats when gargled in a salt and water mix. Lemon oil has astringent and detoxifying properties which could increase luster in dull skin. Its antiseptic properties help control and treat acne, and oily skin and also assist with other skin ailments.

Lemon oil is calming and can help with fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness. It promotes great mood, and helps to eliminate negative emotions.

When inhaled from an aromatherapy diffuser it may increase concentration and alertness, a excellent alternative for the workplace.

Lemon oil is high in vitamins and antioxidants, like vitamin C and so promotes immunity and stimulates white blood cells which fight disease. Lemon oil may also promote healthy blood flow within the body.

Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin oil has a sweet, tangy citrusy odor, exactly like the fruit!

Healing Properties

Mandarin oil helps relieve anxiety, and can boost energy and mood.

It helps heal stretch marks, particularly when combined with another essential oil such as lavender, or frankincense. It heals other skin problems, like stains, scars and will help control oily skin. It can be used in home remedies for hiccups, and indigestion.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit has a fresh citrusy energizing scent.

Healing Properties

diuretic, stimulant, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, cleanses the kidneys, vascular and circulatory systems.

Orange Essential Oil

Orange oil smells like oranges, and is therefore sweet and fruity.

Healing Properties

Orange oil comprises limonene that’s been demonstrated in studies to prevent cancer. Its odor promotes happiness, and good feelings because it uplifts mood and boosts energy. It promotes healthy digestion and comprises both anti-coagulant and anit-tumoral properties. It can help dull and greasy skin to be healthier and more vibrant.

Like other citrus oils, orange oil is high in the antioxidant vitamin C which promotes healthy immunity to keep the body well defended against infection and disease.

Tangerine Essential Oil

Tangerine oil also smells like the fruit it is made from, sweet, succulent, and calming.

Healing Properties

This oil has a calming effect and blends flawlessly with lavender to help with sleep, anxiety, anger, anxiety and to cause relaxation. It can assist with fluid retention when combined with a carrier oil and rubbed on the toes.