Our first reaction is to fear from this embarrassing and baffling problem and the overwhelming fear that you won’t have any control over your breakouts. But using a few basic hints this fear can be conquered.

Natural Treatment of Acne

Before calling for an appointment with the dermatologist, there are natural remedies that could be equally as effective as drugs. With the ideal nutritional balance and proper skin care is your body needs. By following these simple tips you’re taking the initial steps to help cure your acne. In about 4 weeks you should see a noticeable difference.

Tips for An Acne Free Skin


Many cosmetics products on the market today may lead to clogging your pores thus causing more pimples and blackheads. Use a water-based makeup if you need to wear makeup.

Clean hair

Long hair or bangs are trendy but hair includes oils that can add to acne breakouts. Pull your hair off your face and wash it everyday and after sports or strenuous workouts.

Use acne soap

Wash your face twice per day with a sulfur based soap made specifically for acne. Get to a pattern of washing your face once you first wake up in the morning and again before going to bed. A gentle rotating motion is urge and be cautious to not scrub your face. In addition, use a gentle washcloth in place of one that’s rough. Avoid overwashing skin as this can encourage your sebaceous glands to make more sebum, thus creating an increase in acne.

Eat your carrots

If your mother’s also attempting to get you to eat your Karotte it is due to the beat-carotene (Vitamin A). Vitamin A prevents acne by strengthening the protective tissue of the skin. This vitamin is a must for the maintenance and repairs of tissue which the skin and the mucous membranes are made of and helps reduce the production of sebum. Vitamin Apowerful antioxidant, is required to rid your body of toxins.

Avoid squeezing

Resist the urge to pick, squeeze, touch or rub your pimples and blackheads. These actions increase the sebum production and rupture the membrane below your skin. This can subsequently cause an infection and spread the sebum underneath your skin leading to more pimples.

Clean pillow case

If your face is located on your pillow case it’s absorbing the oils from the skin and collects dirt and oil. Keeping your sheets and pillow cases clean will reduce breakouts.

Foods rich in Zinc

Zinc are an antibacterial agent that’s necessary component in the oil-producing glands of the skin. Diets low in zinc might actually cause acne breakouts.

Take you vitamins

Your skin is an essential organ that is generally neglected. Depending on nutrition, acne can be a sign that there’s something wrong on the inside. When that the body doesn’t get the proper nutrition it rebels by generating excessive sebum, clogging pores, and decreases the ability for your skin to resist bacteria and heal.

Apply to honey mask

By applying this to your own face one or twice weekly, the antibacterial properties will disinfect and cure minor blemishes. This is terrific for those people with sensitive skin.


Getting to a fantastic skin care routine takes commitment and time. You will require patience as results won’t happen overnight. But with time you should see positive results.

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