Portion der Baru-Kastanie, Dipteryx alata, auf dem rustikalen Holztisch. Brasilien
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Dipteryx_micrantha (Wikipedia)

Dipteryx micrantha
Dipteryx micrantha 1441330900683QqAVm9ljxfnq8W5p.jpg
Dipteryx micrantha - exsiccatum at MNHN herbier (P); ex. Camatian, Amazonas, Brazil; coll. R.L. Froes 1949; det. H.C. de Lima
Scientific classification
D. micrantha
Binomial name
Dipteryx micrantha
Harms, 1926

Dipteryx micrantha is a tropical legume, a giant tree in the Faboideae subfamily of the bean family Fabaceae. It is a dominant emergent tree in parts of the rainforests of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. In the international timber market, this species is traded under the name cumaru. It furnishes a dense, hard, beautiful reddish timber which has become a popular import in the 2010s for use in parquet. The ornamental bunches of lilac pink flowers high in the canopy eventually develop into a mass of large fruit pods, which are an important food for many native animals during the dry season. The fruit contains a single oily seed which is edible, although these seeds are not exploited as a commercial product.

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