If you suffer from unusual loss of hair and do not understand the causes, it’s best to consult your physician. If the cause of your hair loss is simply because of everything you do to your hair, then there’s absolutely not any need to see a physician. Many experts say that the best cure for baldness is through the use of herbal remedies.


Auf den Märkten werden eine ganze Reihe von Shampoos und Conditionern verkauft, die natürliche Kräuter enthalten. Viele Produkte auf der Industrie verkauft in der Regel behaupten, dass sie natürliche Kräuter enthalten, um Ihr Haar gesund und viel mehr überschaubar zu machen. Aloe Vera und Ginseng Extrakte sind einige der beliebten Kräuter, die sie zu Shampoos und Spülungen kombinieren, um ein schönes und glänzendes Haar zu erhalten.

People from the early times use coconut extracts to keep a healthy looking hair and till now it’s still used by lots of men and women. These natural products don’t have any unpleasant side effects and deliver very convincing results. Listed below are a few of the common herbs that are used as alternatives to hair loss.


Dies ist eine kleine Palme der südöstlichen Vereinigten Staaten, die stachelige Blattstiele hat. Extrakte aus diesem Kraut blockieren die Zellmembranen-Rezeptoren für Dihydrotestosteron, die Hauptursache für androgene Alopezie bei vielen Patienten. Dieses Kraut ist bekannt dafür, dass es das Haarwachstum fördert.


This is a wild plant with serrated-edged leaves which are covered with fine hairs or spines that sting when touched. This has the capacity to block conversion of testosterone to DHT and it’s long been proven as an effective way of preventing hair loss.

Grüner Tee

Dieses unfermentierte Teeblatt enthält Catechine, die das Enzym 5-Alpha-Reduktase hemmen können, das Testosteron in das haarschädigende DHT umwandelt.


These are big orange fruit with thick orange-skinned rind, dry flesh and many seeds. Extracts from the seeds contain active ingredient delta-7-sterine. The infusion protects the prostate and efficiently competes with DHT. It’s proven effective to slow down the hair loss amount. However, clinical effectiveness of pumpkin is still under investigation by many health experts.


This aromatic evergreen shrub of the mint family grown for its aromatic gray-green needle-shaped leaves and used as flavoring in cooking and in making perfume. The essential oil extracted from rosemary helps prevents dandruff and it’s proven rich in antioxidants.


Dies ist eine Pflanze mit süßen Wurzel, die in der Nähe des Mittelmeers entwickelt, die spiked blauen gefiederten Blätter hat. Es verhindert Haarausfall, aber nicht für schwangere Frauen empfohlen.


This is a non flowering plant which has a hollow jointed stem, tiny thin leaves, and spore-producing cones produced on peak of the stems. It’s an exceptional source of silica, a mineral that retains the strength of hair and provides sleek and shiny look.


Many folks believe in the effective medicine of herbaceous plants. They expect that with using those herbals may assist them with their hair loss issue. It’s still better to seek guidance from health professionals before thinking that it might be the remedy to your hair loss issues. You need to know the actual cause of your baldness for it may be one symptom for an illness. Anyway, there is nothing wrong about trying these herbals since they don’t have any harmful side effects.


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