Oily hair is due to excess sebum production from the sebaceous glands attached to the hair follicle. This leads to hair getting dull, lank, lacking quantity and bringing dirt more easily. It’s a problem that most individuals deal with at some stage, for various reasons. The best way to eliminate your oily hair is to pinpoint the cause of your problem and treat your hair so. Oily hair isn’t easy to handle, may be limp, and difficult to style. A frequent misconception concerning oily hair is that it’s brought on by an oily scalp.

Oily hair

It is thick and won’t collaborate with any styling product that you try. If you attempt to use gel or mousse to fluff it up, it only looks greasier. Oily hair is prone to being level, so if your hair lacks quantity it’s a sure bet your hair is the fatty type. Look for a mild, volumizing shampoo that’s geared for oily hair. Oily hair is caused by the overproduction of sebum, which is a natural hair moisturizer. You will need to control the quantity of oil on your hair to avoid appearing too greasy and shiny.

Healthier than dry

Oily hair is always healthier than dry hair, however, and maintaining hair oily to an extent will make your hair a lot fitter than if it had been too dry. Hair Grease does hair real good and will keep your hair looking real wholesome. Oily hair is a problem when it sticks to your mind and fails to conform to whatever style you are trying to reach. There are millions of those who have issues with oily hair. Oily hair is also more prone to dandruff, therefore it’s critical to wash your hair daily to reduce dandruff. Apart from that avoid using harsh chemical products in your hair because they increase the odds of dandruff. Additionally it is important to keep a healthy diet, rich with zinc, carotene and Vitamin B to encourage overall healthier hair.


Oily hair is a result of oily skin and a number of factors may eventually lead to dry hair, namely inactive oil glands. Oily hair is due to over secretion of oil and the hair and scalp becomes too oily because of this condition. It’s hair is caused by overactive sebaceous glands. These glands produce sebum in excess, causing oiliness of hair or skin.

About Sebum

Sebum is the body’s natural humectant and several of you who believe that you’re doing your body a favour by eating salty foods, are actually doing your body a disservice. Your body needs essential fatty acids (EFA’s) to operate properly from scalp and skin moisturization to appropriate bowel movements, your body needs natural fats that you may get from olive oil, beef, nuts, and dairy products etc..

Sebum can also plug a hair follicle, forming a black head or white head. A bacterium that grows behind this plug in is called a pimple. Shampoos that specifically target oily hair is readily obtained and they contain specific ingredients intended to help cleanse your hair of excess oil. Thoroughly massage your scalp and remember to shampoo from root to tip before washing it out, ensuring that all of the shampoo was rinsed off properly. Shampoos and conditioners selected for dry scalp and hair conditions will need to be rather nutritive in nature to smoothen the hair and build its strength, while adding moisture.

Take care of your hair

It is important so that it is sensible to maintain some type of routine with your hair care, and to discover the hair products which are best suited to your skin and hair. For those who have greasy hair and are considering getting hair extensions fitted, then it’s prudent to try to resolve the issue first as the bonds which hold the human extensions set up won’t hold and will probably fall out. An alternative to bonded hair extensions is to use clip in extensions rather as they’re attached using clips rather than keratin glue. These may be applied and removed in minutes, which means that you can eliminate them which will let you use all of your hair products as normal to be able to rectify your oily hair.


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