Akne ist eine Folge der Abfallprodukte, die Ihren Körper durch die Poren der Epidermis verlassen. Diese Poren werden manchmal verstopft, wodurch sich Keime hinter der Epidermis ansammeln. Die beste Akne-Behandlung ist eine nährstoffreiche Ernährung. Eine nährstoffreiche Ernährung erlaubt Ihrem Verdauungstrakt. Es gibt bestimmte Lebensmittel, die das Auftreten von Akne auslösen können und diese Lebensmittel sollten in Ihrer Ernährung eliminiert oder eingeschränkt werden.

Gesunder Lebensstil

A healthy lifestyle including a nutritious diet and exercise can help you to reduce your chance of an acne outbreak. Sometimes hormonal changes can lead to acne – particularly the menstrual cycle. For people who have acne outbreaks, there are effective acne treatments. If you have severe acne, you might choose to seek the advice of your doctor. Sometimes, your doctor may prescribe medications for your acne. Be certain that you discuss with your doctor any side effects or food and drug interactions associated with the medication.

Natürliche Akne-Behandlungen

Darüber hinaus gibt es viele natürliche Akne-Behandlungen, die verwendet wurden, um Akne zu vermeiden oder um Akne-Ausbrüche zu verringern. Einige dieser natürlichen Akne-Hilfsmittel umfassen:

    • Zitrone juice wash – wash face with hot water, apply freshly squeezed lemon juice, let dry for 10 minutes, rinse with cool water. Do this daily.
    • Honey facial – employ raw honey to confront and pat until tacky, leave for 5 minutes, and remove.
    • Tea tree oil – wash skin with tea tree oil to prevent diseases.
    • Vitamin A – helps in the healing process.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids – possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory consequences.
    • Zink hilft, Gewebe zu heilen und Narbenbildung zu verhindern.
    • Muskatnuss – grind nutmeg with milk and apply to face for 1-2 hours.
    • Honig/Zimt powder – mix to a paste, apply before sleeping, eliminate in the morning with warm water.
    • Lemon juice/Cinnamon powder – this treatment shouldn’t be used by those who have sensitive skin.
    • Orange peel glue – grind orange peel in water to make paste, apply to face on or around pimples.
    • Knoblauch – rub garlic around pimples.
    • Erdnuss oil/lime juice – prevents the formation of pimples.
    • Minzsaft - auf das Gesicht auftragen, über Nacht einwirken lassen.
    • Methi (fenugreek) – apply fresh paste of methi leaves, leave on 10-15 minutes, wash with warm water.
    • Papaya – rub pimples to reduce swelling.
    • Kalk juice/milk – mixture limejuice and boiled mixture to make a face wash.
    • Lime juice/Rose water – mixture, apply to affected area, leave 20-30 minutes, wash with warm water.
    • Tomate – employ ripe tomato pulp to acne, leave 1 hour, rinse.
    • Potatoes – apply grated potatoes as a poultice.
    • Sandelholz/Rose water – apply mixture to face, leave 20-30 minutes, rinse with warm water.
    • Radish seeds – grind radish seeds to water, apply to face.
    • Neem leaves/turmeric powders – create a paste, apply to skin, leave 20-30 minutes, and rinse with warm water.
    • Kurkuma Pulver/Minzsaft auf die betroffene Stelle auftragen, 20-30 Minuten einwirken lassen und dann mit warmem Wasser abspülen.

Die beste Akne-Behandlung

The very best acne treatment is a healthy lifestyle – including a healthy diet, regular exercise, cleanliness, and preventing stress. There are a number of factors that may lead to an outbreak of acne – foods that you ingest, hormonal changes in your body which are caused by stress, or the digestive system not functioning properly to dispose the body of wastes.


All these things can be avoided if your life a wholesome lifestyle. Maintaining a lifestyle that will give overall health with help you to stop the onset of acne – as well as several other diseases and illnesses which are directly related to diet and exercise. Exercise is important so the organs inside your body is able to function properly and keep your blood flowing properly. If you work to look after your body, your body will work to provide you with a long, healthful life. Avoid foods and situations which may add to the beginning of acne, and learn how to eat the foods that are good for the general health of your entire body.


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