Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if certain crystals would help us on the trip to learn Tarot for delivering messages that are psychic?

Lectura de Tarot Psíquico

Afortunadamente, hay cristales que apoyan la limpieza y la resolución de la energía atascada y los bloqueos del sistema de Chakras. Cuando la energía de la fuerza vital universal corre suavemente a través de los Chakras, se hace más fácil leer el Tarot, describir lo que dicen las cartas y dar un aumento de energía de alta vibración al paciente.

Reading the tarot psychically is somewhat more than celebrating the pattern of symbols and producing a story that offers insight into the customers situation. It’s also about how you connect with the customer and how comfortable either of you are feeling in a sacred exchange at which you might be channeling some deep advice and wisdom in their own guides and higher self.

Los cristales que ayudan a curar siempre coincidirán con tus intentos de ser una maravillosa voz espiritualmente elevadora para tus clientes, así que cualquier trabajo de autocuración que hagas por tu cuenta, ayudará a tus clientes.

There are nevertheless a whole lot of amazing crystals which were found recently–in the past couple of hundred years, that were created so that we might have the ability to help the planet Earth in birthing the age of Aquarius — at which we will have more psychological power than ever before to make the futuristic, abundant, loving and gorgeous world we want.

Cristales para limpiar la energía estancada

Here’s a list of amazing crystals which encourage psychic development and can be used along with your daily Tarot reading clinic:


Un cristal extraordinario, que te lleva inmediatamente a los reinos superiores de otro mundo. Utilice sólo si usted sabe cómo conectar a tierra a ti mismo y por lo general puede permanecer conectado a tierra. Para utilizar la apofolita, pon tu baraja de tarot despejada y unida a este cristal cada noche. Toca el cristal, antes de leer tu baraja por la mañana. La apofolita ayuda a viajar entre los mundos. Si usted se siente espacial después de usar este cristal, mantener una turmalina negro o incluso más energías de tierra como Hematita cerca de ti.


A deliciously magical crystal which makes it easier to switch between right brain (intuitive) and left brain (logical) capabilities. Labrodite when worn as a ring, pendant or touched is very helpful. You can wear it to the body without feelings of spaciness or light headedness, and that’s the reason why I enjoy it a lot. Labrodite is useful for almost any creative thinking.


This is a wonderful stone, particularly if you’re fearful of falling darker energies throughout deeper work or your fantasies are not always soothing and light. This rock clears negative energies from the aura. This is a terrific stone to carry in your pocket or jacket for protection, particularly in case you read openly or in environments where there might be attachments eg., drug usage, alcohol and other kinds of addictions.


If you frequently wonder if you should have stated what you did, or you are inclined to second guess your address when you help people with readings, Larimar is a terrific stone to wear. It helps maintain your throat chakra clear, so you can talk in a compassionate way — with the standard of the water element — connecting to the core of the querent. It will help communicate the message in a heart centred manner — such as the King of Cups! (Larimar is the rock of Atlantis, and this Larimar makes me think of King of Cups.


An instant third eye opener and a crystal that amplifies the third eye energies, lapis is fantastic to have in your tool kit, for immediate switching from regular daily conversation to channeling through a reading. I just swirl it on my third eye, gently pressing on the point against the middle of the’eye’. Gentle is the key word. If you’re not very grounded, using Lapis as a third eye opener is somewhat harsh and can cause you to get dizzy. Lapis enhances your instinct, but it may also create your mood a bit more serious than the other stones.

Cristales para elevar la energía

Otras piedras que mantienen tu energía zumbando felizmente y te permiten brillar con tu luz, pase lo que pase:

Cuarzo claro

Enough can’t be said about how the Clear Quartz helps energize and expand your Vibration.

Amatista, Cuarzo Rosa

Todas las piedras de cuarzo son ayudas maravillosas para mantener tu estado de ánimo y energía en un nivel de vibración más alto.


La cornalina, una roca que potencia la creatividad, puede mantener la energía vital fluyendo, lo que facilita la tarea de los esfuerzos creativos y mantiene el elemento de la energía.


Professional Tarot readers can maintain a citrine where it matters–in the wallet, with the intention to obtain abundance for the fantastic work of advice through studying the Tarot.

Espero que te guste complementar tu diario de Tarot junto con otros intentos de dominar el Tarot con algunos autocuidados basados en los cristales.


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