Una hermosa seta cola de pavo que crece en un viejo tocón de árbol. Trametes versicolor en primavera. Paisaje natural del norte de Europa.

Trametes versicolor, Coriolus versicolor, Polyporus versicolor 

The Mushroom of Multiple Colors

Cola de pavo

Trametes versicolor
Trametes versicolor G4 (1).JPG
Scientific classification edit
T. versicolor
Binomial name
Trametes versicolor
(L.) Lloyd (1920)

Boletus versicolor L. (1753)
Polyporus versicolor (L.) Fr. (1821)
Coriolus versicolor (L.) Quél. (1886)

Trametes versicolor
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pores on hymenium
cap is offset or indistinct
hymenium is decurrent
lacks a stipe
spore print is white to yellow
ecology is saprotrophic
edibility: inedible

Trametes versicolor – also known as Coriolus versicolor and Polyporus versicolor – is a common polypore mushroom found throughout the world. Meaning 'of several colors', versicolor reliably describes this fungus that displays different colors. For example, because its shape and multiple colors are similar to those of a wild turkey, T. versicolor is commonly called turkey tail. A similar looking mushroom, commonly called false turkey tail, which is from a different order, may sometimes be confused with the turkey tail mushroom due to appearance. Another lookalike is the multicolor gill polypore.

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