Hibiscus chinois

Hibiscus (Roselle, karkade) dry flowers in wooden bowls on burlap background close-up. Healthy organic vitamin herbal tea.

Hibiscus rosa sinensis

Synonymes :
Rose Mallow, Gudhal
Chinese Hibiscus (Wikipedia)

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Hibiscus Brilliant.jpg
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Brilliant'
Scientific classification edit
H. rosa-sinensis
Binomial name
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
  • Hibiscus arnottii Griff. ex Mast.
  • Hibiscus boryanus DC.
  • Hibiscus cooperi auct.
  • Hibiscus festalis Salisb.
  • Hibiscus liliiflorus Griff. ex Mast.
  • Hibiscus rosiflorus Stokes
  • Hibiscus storckii Seem.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, known colloquially as Chinese hibiscus, China rose, Hawaiian hibiscus, rose mallow and shoeblackplant, is a species of tropical hibiscus, a flowering plant in the Hibisceae tribe of the family Malvaceae. It is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions, but is not known in the wild, so that its native distribution is uncertain. An origin in some part of tropical Asia is likely. It is widely grown as an ornamental plant in the tropics and subtropics.

Solid red flower
Pollen parent
Pink and white flower
Pod parent
Yellow and pink flower
One offspring
White flower
Another offspring
Example: two crosses of 'King Kalakaua' and 'Mystic Pink'. The photographs demonstrate that the flowers of the offspring plants have almost no color characteristics of the parent plants, and few of the physical characteristics.
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