There is really no simple way to describe sciatica. Sometimes it remains in your spine, sometimes it shoots down your leg, it may even cause your buttocks hurt. No matter how you experience sciatica one thing is for certain. It stinks and it’s painful.

But among the most painful things about sciatica is the burning. Burning pain so extreme that getting through a day in the office becomes a chore. Medical choices can get expensive, add this to the time it really takes to get into the doctors office and receive a treatment strategy going and feels like torture. When it comes to finding sciatic nerve pain relief, natural is among the simplest ways to go. Not only are there fast acting remedies on the market, but they’re also much more affordable than anything medical and they supply real relief.

How to Relieve Burning Sciatica Pain

Many people advocate exercises and heating pads. I do too on occasion. But there are occasions when you literally feel as if you’re in too much pain to move. Times when you miss work and sleep because the pain is just too much. If you feel like a helpless victim of your sciatica, then this is the remedy for you.

Raifort Poultice – it’s fast acting, and simple to use, and literally functions in minutes… Once it’s covering the area in which you feel the most pain, leave it there until you feel a little warm sensation. Your pain ought to be gone before this occurs. When you think warmth, take it off. Do not leave the poultice on as it’s extremely powerful and can burn if it’s left.

How do you make horseradish poultice?

Steps with a horseradish root:

      • Cut a section of the root that you’re likely to use
      • Grate the cut section
      • Dip a cloth in vaseline (or oil) and then dip the identical area into the grated horseradish
      • Put vaseline (or oil) on the section of skin that hurts too
      • Put the fabric on the area of the skin which you covered.


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