The master cleanse diet, a more specialized form of “fasting” detox diet. The intent of this diet is to help the body in full detoxification and relieve the body of ecological stressors that can, over time, cause the body injury, disease and malfunction. The master cleanse lemonade diet aka the master cleanser, lemon cleanse, lemonade diet or just simply master cleansing diet, is comprised of drinking a combination of water, fresh squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Although this might not seem like the most appetizing drink concoction, many find it to be very refreshing. Every ingredient inside the master cleanse is created to serve a particular purpose.

The master cleanse lemonade diet

It has been the object of much debate in celebrity magazines, health forums and a number of other publications throughout the world. It’s been in the goal of skepticism and continues to be argued whether the diet has some true benefits or just snake oil. The master cleanse diet, however, has been completed by thousands of individuals and an extremely large proportion of people believe it works to enhance their health and wellbeing in many distinct ways. It’s ultimately your responsibility to determine whether the claims of the master cleanse diet are a scam or completely untrue, and it’s your choice whether or not to finish the master cleansing diet. One thing is for sure though, should you choose to go through the master cleanse diet, be certain you do it just to a “T” and don’t waiver from what the diet requires. Just like any diet, it’s very important to follow it precisely as instructed for the maximum benefits, lose the most weight, detoxify properly and to prevent any harmful or unwanted side-effects. If anything is worth doing, its worth doing right?

Benefits of the Master Cleanse Diet

      • Significant weight loss – Many have described losing considerable amounts of weight and getting extremely lean. Many lose between 10-40 pounds. In a really short length of time. Although weightloss is not the principal focus of the detox cleansing, it’s certainly a benefit of it.
      • Total body detoxification – The main objective of the master cleansing diet is to detoxify the body of decades and years of pent up waste the body would not usually be able to dispose of. The theory behind this is that our bodies were not supposed to be used to the regular pollutants which we are constantly exposed to. From food additives, preservatives, hormone treatments, artificial flavors and colors, environmental pollutants together with the physical stress of their regular 9-5 lifestyle, it’s believed that we can’t detoxify properly when living in this sort of environment. The master cleanse lemonade diet is designed to give your body a rest and completely flush the entire body including harmful heavy metals which adhere to the inner lining of the intestines and colon. These toxins, over time may cause allergies, illness, cancer, chronic fatigue and other chronic ailments that we might not even realize we’ve… since we have had to live with it for so long.
      • Hormone regulation – Many individuals experience hormone regulation. Many of the foods we eat contain considerable amounts of hormones which may result in a multitude of issues from unusual facial hair growth in women, lowered libido, and even pregnancy issues. Hormones greatly affect the best way to operate and how our organs work. The master cleanse is thought to cleanse the body of the extra hormones and allow our body to create the perfect amounts by itself.
      • More energy – Many individuals suffering from chronic fatigue syndrowm (CFS) have used the master cleanse diet to help energize and rejuvenate their bodies.
      • Allergy identification – When the body is no longer introduced into the foods that cause an allergic response, we’re then able to gradually introduce foods and understand whether they create an allergic reaction. After the detox cleanse is finished, your body is going to be as pure as it’s ever been and you’ll be extremely sensitive to what it requires and definitely to what it does not require. This can help you adjust your diet to eat only foods that are perfect for your body .
      • Mental clarity – Going through the master cleanse, lots of men and women realize they can think clearer. Moreover, they may recover some lost will power which they did not realize they might even have. For centuries, people have used fasting as a means to spiritual enlightenment and mental clarity, the master cleanse could offer some of these advantages.
      • Ability to further combat addictions – From food dependence, tobacco, alcohol and drug addictions. The master cleanse is thought to assist in detoxifying the body, calming the machine, creating willpower and help in the process of combating addiction. In actuality, a lot of people do not understand that they eat only because they’re bored. Plus, many also do not understand that they crave foods that are bad for them just as they’re addicted to what is within the food.


The benefits described below are those that individuals who have experienced the master cleanse lemonade diet have promised. Every individuals experience is somewhat different from the next. It’s ultimately your responsibility to decide the validity of those claims and whether the master cleanse diet is ideal for your health needs. Again, I want to make a point of how important it is to finish the cleanse properly. At the base of the article are links to sources that may help you to get the guided information you have to finish the cleansing properly, while gaining the most benefits and minimizing any negative side-effects you might have.