Silver Fir

silver fir tree, abies alba, needles

Silver Fir has flat and short needles and a narrow cone shape. It’s a very tall evergreen conifer that stands upright and is mostly found in mountainous areas of Asia, Europe, America and North Africa.


Scientific name
Abies alba.

Plant family

Plant parts used

Harvest period

Medicinal properties

Main uses: Flu & Rheumatism.

Healing effects

        • Arthritis
        • Flu
        • Cough
        • Expectorant
        • Muscular rheumatism
        • Tendinitis
        • Scurvy
        • Cystitis
        • Bronchitis
        • Cold
        • Spring fever
        • Bleeding gums
        • Blood-purifying
        • Blood circulation stimulating
        • Diuretic
        • Sweetener
        • Worms

Application methods

        • Orally
        • Topically

Forms of preparation

The best ways to use fir tree as remedy is to make a syrup from fresh buds either by cold pressing or boiling. Then the syrup can be used as a sweetener in tea or be mixed with water to enjoy it as a refreshing and tonic drink.


Abies_alba (Wikipedia)

Abies alba
Abies alba Wisła 1.jpg
In Silesian Beskids, Poland
Scientific classification edit
A. alba
Binomial name
Abies alba
Abies alba range.svg
Distribution map:
  Native range and isolated population.
  Introduced and naturalized (synanthropic) area and isolated population.
  • Abies argentea Chambray
  • Abies baldensis (Zuccagni) Zucc. ex Nyman
  • Abies candicans Fisch. ex Endl.
  • Abies chlorocarpa Purk. ex Nyman
  • Abies duplex Hormuz. ex Beissn.
  • Abies metensis Gordon
  • Abies miniata Knight ex Gordon
  • Abies minor Gilib.
  • Abies nobilis A.Dietr.
  • Abies pardei Gaussen
  • Abies rinzii K.Koch
  • Abies taxifolia Duhamel
  • Abies taxifolia Desf.
  • Abies taxifolia Raf.
  • Abies tenuirifolia Beissn.
  • Abies vulgaris Poir.
  • Peuce abies Rich.
  • Picea kukunaria Wender.
  • Picea metensis Gordon
  • Picea pectinata (Lam.) Loudon
  • Picea pyramidalis Gordon
  • Picea rinzi Gordon
  • Picea tenuifolia Beissn.
  • Pinus baldensis Zuccagni
  • Pinus heterophylla K.Koch
  • Pinus lucida Salisb.
  • Pinus pectinata Lam.
  • Pinus picea L.

Abies alba, the European silver fir or silver fir, is a fir native to the mountains of Europe, from the Pyrenees north to Normandy, east to the Alps and the Carpathians, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, and south to Italy, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Albania and northern Greece; it is also commonly grown on Christmas tree plantations in the North East region of North America spanning New England in the US to the Maritime provinces of Canada.

Silver fir trunk and bark of a tree in Vallombrosa State Forest (Italy)
Illustration of several parts of the plant
Immature cone
Silver Fir (Wiktionary)



silver fir (plural silver firs)

  1. Any of several species large evergreen coniferous trees of genus Abies (firs):
    1. A European silver fir (Abies alba), native to Europe.
    2. A Pacific silver fir (Abies amabilis), native to western North America
    3. A Pindrow fir (Abies pindrow), native to Asia


  • Abies pectinata



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  • Abies alba
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