Ringing in the ears, also called tinnitus, can be extremely bothersome since it can affect not just your health but also your daily actions. Using a masking device to cover up the annoying ringing noises is a temporary treatment for the problem. To get results which are more permanent for this ear problem, here are some recipes you can try!

Ramson Juice Recipe

One tbsp of ramson juice every day can help clear your large intestine. This is useful chiefly for constipation-related tinnitus.

Ginko Recipe

Consume 120 milligrams of liquid extract of Gingko biloba or 40 milligrams of dried Gingko biloba daily. Gingko biloba helps promote proper blood flow in the inner ear and removes free radicals which might be damaging to the auditory system’s health.

Castor Oil Recipe

Three or four drops of castor oil in each ear daily also help relieve ear ringing.

Mistletoe Recipe

To increase blood flow, put 3 tablespoons of mistletoe herb into 3 cups of cold water and leave the extract overnight. The next morning, warm it up and drink 3 cups of this mixture with no addition of sweeteners. Repeat this every day.

Garlic and See Vegetables Recipe

Take raw garlic and sea veggies to alleviate this ear illness. Garlic helps reduce inflammation while the sea vegetables contain of essential minerals and vitamins required for combating tinnitus.

Sesame Seeds Recipe

Adding sesame seeds into your everyday meals helps to cure tinnitus. You may also have sesame spread (tahini) or lemon candy (halvah) as a tinnitus remedy. Ten drops of sesame oil in each ear may also help in relieving ear ringing.

Pineapple Recipe

Eat fresh pineapples on a regular basis. This can help heal inflammation within the ear and to promote blood flow in the throat and head.

Essential Oils Recipe

Aromatherapy using essential oils of rosemary, rose, cypress, or lemon helps improve blood flow. Use with a head massage, aromatherapy diffuser, or vaporizer.

Plantain Juice Recipe

Drinking 2 tbsp of fresh plantain juice three times daily for fourteen days is a excellent remedy for this ear issue.

Black Cohosh Recipe

Take 2 capsules of black cohosh root or 6-9 ml of black cohosh decoction daily. This treats nervous disorder related to tinnitus. Combine with Gingko biloba for enhanced benefits.

Tip one!

High blood pressure dissipates tinnitus. Avoid caffeine and alcohol intake to keep your blood pressure in check.

Tip two!

Reduce stress, avoid repeated exposure to loud noises, and try some methods of comfort (e.g. doing yoga or meditating) to reduce tinnitus symptoms.

Tip three!

Cleaning your ears with plantain or a calendula infusion regularly aids in relieving this ear issue. Dry both ears nicely using a cotton swab and place dry cotton in the ears to avoid chilling.