Happinnes is a choice. It’s an emotion associated with feelings ranging from pride and contentment to bliss and extreme joy. I’ve asked this question to few of the folks I know and these are some of the replies.

What is Happiness?

My friend said that she had been happy when she had money. Her present financial situation isn’t so good. She’s attempting to make ends meet. She’s heavily in debt. So it wouldn’t be surprising why she believes that getting money would make her happy.

My brother said that joy is having peace of mind. He was mentally disturbed. He was constantly seeing horrible images in his mind. He was fighting with his own ideas. He had been able to perform all the necessary daily tasks, earn good sum of money, but never had the peace of mind until recently. Now he’s at peace with himself. He finally realized that all those pictures he saw weren’t real but were the products of his thoughts. So it wouldn’t be surprising why he believes that having peace of mind would make him happy.

My mom said that she’s happy when she’s giving. Giving assistance to individuals makes her happy. Giving assistance to people makes her happy. Giving money to people needing makes her happy. I haven’t seen anybody who knows how to be happy like her. She had been born in a wealthy family, had a terrific dad, but no so terrific mother. Her mother wasn’t a caring and loving mother. Her husband isn’t a excellent husband. He does not care much for his loved ones. My mother was cheated out of her inheritance by her brother. Regardless of all that she always manages to be joyful.

I’ve seen her watching movies and laughing. I’ve seen her sitting by herself basking in the sun and watching the plants at the backyard. I’ve seldom seen her whine. She’s a true case of somebody who knows how to be happy.

What makes me Happy?

I believe I am happiest when I’m giving love to other folks. I truly feel great when I’m doing something good for somebody and I see her or his face lights up. I like the feeling of joy I get when I give help to someone who wants it. I believe joy that come from having stuff does not last long, but happiness that comes from giving last longer.

Most of us wish to be happy. The reason we strive for prosperity, relationships, fame and standing is because we think that having those things will make us happy. Is that true? If it’s true why are there rich men and women that are miserable and unhappy? Why are there famous folks that are miserable and hooked on alcohol and drugs? Why even when we’re with our nearest and dearest, we’re still unhappy?

Happiness appears to be different things for different individuals. To search for happiness from outside sources wouldn’t be wise because we don’t have any control over external conditions. True and lasting happiness must come from deep within us.

Simple things to make yourself Happy

    • Cultivate a sense of humor. It won’t only make you happier, but it is going to help to enhance your relationships with others.
    • Be conscious of what you have. People that are appreciative of what they have are happier than people that are not appreciative.
    • Exercise would help to release endorphin, which would make you feel good.
    • Watching funny movies would help.
    • Playing with kids or dogs would be great.
    • Avoid watching or listening to information would definitely help.
    • Accomplish a target that you set would provide you sense of contentment, thus making you happier.
    • Concentrate on all the good things in your lives and stop concentrating on the negative events.
    • Using tool like the discharge technique that will help eliminate the negative feelings you are harboring all of your life, thus making you happy.
    • Live in the present moment. If you always reside in the *Now*, you can’t be unhappy. Unhappiness is a consequence of dwelling on the past events and/or worrying about the future conditions.