Acne is a complex condition with no rest snack for lots of people, regardless of what diet, drugs or cleansing regimen they’re undertaking. It’s merely a traumatic condition that actually knows how to take hold and the more stressed you become, the greater the acne will delight on your own stress.


Many individuals have found breakthroughs in various organic methods to combating acne or getting their illness under some type of control. The expression’have a cup of tea and it’ll be fine’ is rather common. But there’s proof that by drinking some sorts of tea on a regular basis (and once we say routine we are talking a few cups daily so that it helps to be an avid tea drinker and committed to drinking it ).

Tea Against Acne

Possibly the most popular tea with famous acne fighting properties is green tea. We know that green tea is packed full of antioxidants as a result of lots of publicity during the past couple of years. But Green tea with honeysuckle was labelled ‘pimple tea’ in China for generations.

Green tea does contain caffeine and whilst acne sufferers are suggested to steer clear of caffeine, what makes green tea distinct from regular black tea is that the leaves used for green tea aren’t fermented once picked. It’s in fact steamed soon after rather to avoid oxidation of the leaves. This then helps to keep the active compounds within the leaves, notably the antioxidants which people know are good for us. We want these antioxidants to fight the free radicals that threaten to invade our bodies and cause damage to our skin cells. We can also profit from them by drinking green tea after a meal to help detoxify and eliminate acne-causing toxins.

The antioxidants we’re talking about include Polyphenols that have a range of properties to promote decent health and the powerful Epigallocatechin Gallate.

Besides its healthful properties, green tea is also highly antibacterial that helps calm inflammation and has been proven to help decrease hormone action, another offender in the acne debate.

Interestingly, a scientific research in 2003 has been undertaken that compared the effects of a green tea-based eczema lotion with that of a typical (not to mention notorious) 4% Benzoyl Peroxide lotion. The results demonstrated that there was little difference in the results, claiming that those preferring to treat acne the natural way could do this without needing to compromise on getting effective results.

Another popular and natural treatment for acne is nettle tea. Nettle has been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory properties to calm the acne but also stimulate circulation of the blood.

The simplest way to eat nettle tea is in tea bags from the neighborhood supermarket or, if you want, you can make it straight from the leaves. To make nettle tea in this way, you should soak 4-6 tsp of dried nettle leaves or root in about 6 ounces of water. To find the most effects of nettle tea on your quest to be acne free, it’s advised that you drink 3 to 4 cups per day. Try to be springy as you won’t see results overnight, however you’ll feel the benefits in time.

A last tea to remark on is burdock tea, which is made of burdock root or leaves. It may be found widely on grocery shelves, frequently combined with other organic materials like dandelion, yellow dock and sarsaparilla, which in turn contain properties to assist skin conditions.

Why is drinking burdock tea helpful in fighting acne is how it serves as a liver cleanser by stimulating the secretion of bile. In doing so it helps to eliminate toxins in the body immediately, before they can take root and look on your skin.