Are you a “Searcher”? I’m a searcher. I am searching for a better life. I want freedom. I want change. I need information that will help me find what I am searching for.

Where is the Information?

I understand where the info is. I’ve spent many years drifting around life, fifty eight to be exact. Some of the time too busy to care, some of it overly caught up to be aware. There’s not “wasted time”.

A few years ago I became conscious that I am a searcher. Now, coming into a better comprehension of it. Finally, embracing it. This is where the fun starts. What am I looking for? Where do I start? Where do I look?

Inside. That’s where it is. That’s where the info is. Within myself, it’s all there for me. Custom made. Just as it’s for you. It’s not only there waiting; it’s been coming out all along. I’ve just been listening. I didn’t understand. People don’t let you look inside yourself for the answers to your questions. They generally let you ask them. Really, they do not wait to be asked, they inform.

There’s not time to go in the authority figures in our lives to analyze the impact they have on our thinking and belief system. It’s safe to say they’ve had a huge influence. Overwhelming ordinarily. And of course it was bad. Our teachers and parents did the best they could with what they had to work with and bear in mind they came up surrounded by their own teachers and parents.

The fundamentals ideas are: “You create your own reality”. “Your power is in the current”. “It’s you, It’s all you”.”You can have or be or do: whatever”

The Four Laws of Creation:

  1. You Exist.
  2. The One is All, the All is One.
  3. What you put out is what you return.
  4. Change is the only constant. . . except for the first three, which never change.

I can not establish what happens to my consciousness when this bodily device I am currently using, takes a powder, dies, compels a transition, is spilt milk, takes a dirt nap. . I’m confident that you have a few of your own, simply put them here, however, one thing I really do have a large body of evidence for, largely through monitoring, is; older age. I’m looking down both barrels of sixty years old. Time, so to speak isn’t just,”on my side”.

There are lots of common threads which run through the channeled information. Perhaps the main one is that; look inward. Your personal discoveries won’t be found outside of you, they’re all inside. It’s very good to be made conscious of the laws of this world and to be invited to”follow your bliss” and “seek joy” with Laws of Attraction, but all the suggestions and information always leads back to one thing. Look within yourself for all the answers you seek. That’s the location of the search. That’s where, they say, the searcher will find the actual, private, unique answers they’re seeking.

With the discoveries from inside the laws of the world will be known, not with the words of others,”Words don’t teach, experience teaches,” but with the expertise we all came here to have; in delight.

Inside Travel

The travel inside is a silent journey. It isn’t too strange of something. We do it every night and call it sleep. It’s this journey of the sleeping states where we hunt. It’s the quieting of the mind approaching the sleeping condition, yet staying cognizant. This is getting into uncharted ground for me. It’s the area generally called meditation. Of course I’ve done meditation and do it frequently but I don’t get the results I long for. The internal information, that heart communication I imagine with my”Inner Being” or’Spirit Guide”. I feel I’m getting closer, I know I’m getting closer. I have, to some degree know synchronicity, a kind of communication, the proverbial psychic”tap on the shoulder”. If there aren’t accidents then there has to be synchronicity.

Binaural Beat

The most encouraging and exciting thing I’ve discovered, I can use independently; to explore the inner part of my consciousness, are Binaural Beat recording. I’ve worked with several and will continue to use them to heal my brain. They bring me to the deepest state of meditation I’ve known. Binaural Beats are maybe for a different report. I’ve experimented with several from two different providers. Usually a ten minute presentation is available then an electronic download of the Mp3 file should you purchase.

Personally, I endeavor to discover and communicate with what is generally known as my Spirit Guides. I have a site dedicated to Deliberate Creation and I think linking with Spirit Guides is an essential part of that pursuit. Enjoy your Journey, I’m enjoying mine.