Recently among my closest friends asked me the way to heal a stiff neck. She confided that she suffers from chronic stiff neck and is in pain most of the week. If you have ever had a stiff neck you know that it can radiate excruciating pain.

Pain in the neck

Your entire life is more challenging to live. Every motion, every sneeze, every turn can mean pain. It slows down your wellbeing and takes the wind out of your sail.

Whether you slept bad, was in an auto collision, stumbled and was forced to tense your own body or suffering from continuing stress, your stiff neck is a indication of muscle pain. Often extending from your neck and shoulder down to your spine, you can feel that the tightened muscle that’s causing the pain. Without appropriate attention and care a stiff neck can last for days and even weeks.


Depending on the reason for your specific pain, there are steps you can take to ease the discomfort. If you decide not to take any action and the harm was generated from sleeping in an awkward position, it is going to correct itself within a couple of days.

If you need to tackle this immediately, here are the two chief remedies suggested for pain of the size:


Massaging the muscle can help to relax the region, release the tension and deliver relief. It is advised that you use your fingers to rub the region gentle in a circular movement. Begin from your neck all the way down to where the pain stops on your back. Be cautious not rub to hard or too harshly, this may worsen the issue and extend the distress. It would be best if you can have somebody else provide the massage. You will be in a more relaxed state and another person will have the ability to massage the affected area without you having to use different muscles during the procedure.

Hot shower

A hot shower was known to ease muscle pain and stiff necks. When you shower, try to make the water as hot as you can bear. Stand still and enable the water to conquer on the affected place. If potential rub this region gentle as the water hits your body. This can be achieved whenever you shower and should produce results in a few days.


A stiff neck and can be a real pain, but it does not need to last long. As with any harm, your treatment should be based on the cause. Once you have determined the cause of your pain take the correct measures to eliminate your stiff neck.