Worries and much more worries… we can not eliminate them, we stress in our dreams. There’s an easy, inexpensive way you can use to pamper your senses and eliminate the strain: massage. Moreover, massage may arouse enthusiasm for a couple if both the man who performs the massage and the person who receives it allowed themselves carried away by the moment. There isn’t any need to know expert massage methods, you just need patience and want.

10 Easy Ways to perform a successful massage

      • Remove your jewelry, watch and trimming your nails, your spouse would not like to be scratched.
      • Create a pleasant atmosphere. Light scented candles utilize relaxing music and change the linen with a color that makes you feel great.
      • Use essential oil. Massage oils are great because they allow hands to glide more easily on the skin, but also due to their scents, which have comfort properties and set the mood off. The essential oils advocated as effective in combating anxiety are lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine, etc.. .
      • Be ready with towels. A towel is put under the receiver’s neck; Another one is placed under the knees when sitting on the trunk; Another towel or a blanket is used to cover the components that aren’t massaged.
      • Warm your hands up. Cold hands aren’t a pleasant experience. It’s recommended to clean your hands with warm water until the massage and rub hands together to warm them.
      • Adopt a comfortable place. It’s extremely important to find a fantastic place to execute the moves correctly. Your hands need to “dance” on the spouse’s skin. In no case your palms should be rigid.
      • Get comments while massaging. So as to attain the desired effect, you will need to understand whether the moves you make are suitable and if your topic is comfortable. You can only find this out in the individual massaged, so from time to time ask how they feel, where they would like to be massaged and if there’s anything which can be changed to increase their experience.
      • How to do the massage movements? As straightforward as possible. Don’t think too much about it. Rely solely on instinct. Make this romantic time, a moment of tenderness. First, glide your hands all over her or his body touching every inch of skin, then be gentle pressing motions with your fingers or the heel of your hands. You will feel the individual massaged giving in under your palms and relaxing as you go on. Let yourself be ruled by instinct and feelings, and your hands will move and glide over the skin, naturally the way they should.
      • Play with your palms. Use your hands, palms, palms, palms, knuckles, elbows… each portion of your arms and hands may play a role. The more inventive you are the pleasant surprise you will create. Use fingertips and palms over the sensitive areas, such as throat, and use the stronger parts like elbow on the back.
      • Kneading, friction and tapotement, effleurage, etc.. . At the start of the massage is very good to begin with the simple Swedish methods: friction, kneading and gliding tapotement, to stimulate blood flow. The final procedures are gliding and nerve-stroking that are calming and relaxing but wake up latent vital energies.

Tips & Tricks

Use aphrodisiac oils since they work wonders. Opt for quality massage oil. This is a really important element for your spouse to feel great. If you would like the result for a night of love, then opt for a vital oil with aphrodisiac properties. Some of these oils are rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, peppermint and orange.

Avoid varicose veins! Massaging varicose veins, you do more damage than good. Varicose veins trigger pain, and the blood clots can be dislodged, can get to the heart, triggering serious issues.