Nowadays, lots of folks visit a dermatologist not just because of pimples but also for other skin issues. Well, yes, acne is the most frequent problem people have when they visit a dermatologist but there’s another reason that has the exact same magnitude as acne. Warts are what I’m referring to.

About Warts

Fortunately, warts aren’t really harmful but they can be annoying to those that are physically conscious. Actually, warts are caused by a sort of papilloma virus but physicians can’t still differentiate which of the many sorts of the virus is the key causal agent.

If you will need a technique to get rid of warts, there are several of them which you can employ. One is through the support of a dermatologist who would decide on any one of these techniques to treat warts: freezing the warts or burning them with a laser or electrical current. Freezing here means removing the warts through Cryotherapy which entails using liquid nitrogen to kill the most important virus causing the warts. Another medical treatment that physicians prescribe is through surgery. If you have planter warts, your physician would choose laser therapy but this will often leave scars and might not be appealing particularly if the warts are on the face.

However, if you want a less expensive and noninvasive therapy, you may choose to use natural remedies advocated by lots of men and women who tried them.

Natural Treatments

There are lots of these organic procedures including using herbs and other ingredients that can be found in the kitchen. These herbs are known to be effective in removing warts:

      • Tea Tree
      • Chickweed
      • Aloe Vera

How to use them?

Just apply these herbs on the warts or you could drink them as a tea. If the origin of warts is exactly what you intend to remove, you can use a herb called Echinacea which can boost your immune system by fighting off germs and other germs thereby making it difficult for the wart to form or look on your body

Furthermore, you can even find some things in your fridge or in your kitchen that can be used to remove warts naturally without spending much. Some of those wart-curing ingredients are castor oil, potatoes, and lemons. These items are so safe to use and can be utilized not just for adults but for children as long as they’re not under 6 years old. Bananas can also be used to treat plantar warts by applying a ripe banana peeling on the warts. After this, put a bandage on the warts. You may remove the bandage when you will take a bath. In a month or two, your warts will disappear as long as you employ banana peelings on them daily. This way is rather simple and very affordable. You don’t need to see a physician and spend a lot of money.