Today I’m going to share with you a few trichomoniasis treatment between herbal remedies. Do you know what the most frequent STD or sexually transmitted disease is? The response is trichomoniasis or “trich” for short, which is a nasty parasite. The reason you do not need this evil bug within your body is as it can bring about some bothersome symptoms. This contains pain, distress and a strange smelly discharge in the area that’s infected.

Trichomoniasis Treatment

Do you understand how somebody gets this infection? Yep, it’s to do with being intimate with someone else. The best way to deal with this issue isn’t get it to start with. One of the best defenses in regards to this parasite is using condoms. Not only do they assist with this, but with tons of other STD’s. Another idea is to have one partner, not sleep with a great deal of people.

If you’re unlucky enough to find this parasite the fantastic thing is that you can kill it. The most common antibiotic is known as Flagyl. The bad news with this medication is that if a woman is pregnant or even close to pregnancy it might injure the baby.

Another negative effect of antibiotics is that they harm good bacteria in the body. In your digestive tract you want bacteria to help fight off unwanted things and to digest food. The third side effect of antibiotics is if they’re used a lot of bacteria can develop immunity to them.

3 Herbal Remedies


Instead of taking drugs you could take the herb which vampires hate and do you know what that is? It’s garlic, which will help take down parasites. It has something called allicin and this helps it eliminate unwanted parasites and bacteria.

Olive leaf extract

The next herbal remedies I want to share is known as olive leaf extract. The motive I’m mentioning it’s because it is a natural antibiotic. It also has oleuropein which helps eliminate all sorts of bad things, also it does not damage the good bacteria in your body and that’s good.


The last herbal remedies that I’m likely to discuss could be something known as wormwood. Its has a reputation for being used to kill parasites in the gut. How is works is that it’s something called sesquiterpene lactones and that makes parasite membranes exposed so they’re easier to kill.


To sum up everything the top tichomoniasis treatment between herbal remedies could be garlic, olive leaf extract in addition to a herb called wormwood. You can stop this infection from using condoms and not sleeping with plenty of people.