In learning how to use the Law of Attraction efficiently, let’s look at a number of the specific techniques I’ve used for getting in alignment with my higher self and my internal guidance.

Alignment with Higher Self

The most important thing you can do so as to cultivate alignment would be to INTEND to get in alignment with your higher self and require a small amount of time each day to concentrate on it. I call this practice “meditation” but you can call it relaxation, prayer, quiet time, isolation or anything you like. It’s about taking some time from your day, daily, and just becoming quiet and focusing your attention inward. It’s about getting in touch with your inner wisdom (or supply energy flowing through you).

Deciding to get aligned is a bit like deciding to get physically healthy. It only seems like hard work and several folks despise the thought and have convinced themselves that they just can’t do it. When you begin a fitness regime, you might not see or sense any progress for quite some time. In actuality, if anything, you might feel worse because not only do you not feel healthy, you’re now also more tired because your body is adjusting and you might even be somewhat depressed because you believe you’re putting in plenty of work and there are no results. It feels like it is not working!!

I probably don’t need to tell you that in case you don’t stick to your physical exercise regime, you won’t change your body. But if you do stick with it even though it is pretty tough at the beginning – you will start to see results and it’ll become easier and easier as time goes on and it will eventually become a habit you won’t skip if you don’t need to. You will most likely start to love it.

Spiritual Fitness

Now I know that physical fitness appears to come easier to some than to others. Some appear to be created for others and it really struggle to achieve a moderate degree of fitness. I’m not gonna lie to you – my experience is that spiritual fitness is comparable. Some folks seem naturally tuned into their spirit and seem to attain a relationship with apparently little effort while others struggle to get moderate success. And the fact is that I’m probably closer to the latter category than the former. The point is that regardless of who you are or where you’re on the continuum, you’d do well for yourself to create your spiritual fitness a priority, to whatever degree works for you. You do have to begin and the every day component is actually more important that the “just how much you sweat when you are doing it” part is.

Just like with physical exercise, you are going to have off and on days, even as a practiced person. Even after years of meditating, there’ll be times when you feel you’re starting from scratch and times where you feel like you can take on the world. It doesn’t mean that you stop the entire thing and say this does not work for me. You keep moving the next day and the next and the next.

But you have to begin and you need to continue to do it. It doesn’t need to be spooky or weird or even especially “religious”. You simply have to silence your mind as best possible. You won’t be able to stop all thought. You’re made from thought. This is a thought based cosmos and you’re thought vibration in an infinite sea of thought waves. (I like to think of myself as one of God’s brain cells.) So, don’t begin with the defeatist attitude which you can’t meditate because you can not stop your ideas and therefore meditation does not work for you as a person. Just like with physical exercise, there’ll be something you can do that will fit your style and it might not be the thing everybody else is doing. Maybe everyone else is running but you hate jogging. You might prefer to take long walks. Maybe the only type of exercise you can really enjoy and get into is splashing around in the paddling pool. Well then do this. The point is, nobody can let you know what sort of training will work for you. It’s not one size fits all. But you will need to explore and find what you think you could enjoy and start doing it.

We’re also not talking about hours of meditation daily. This is not about sitting on hot coals for protracted lengths of time or stopping all thought for at least one hour daily. It is in fact only about taking 5 minutes and looking for solitude for a couple of minutes. It’s only about getting quiet and getting in touch with that inner world. If attempting to calm your thoughts and thought processes just sounds too much like hard work, then try this exercise that I developed based on a classic meditation technique called thought monitoring. I call it “Stepping Back”.

Thought Monitoring – “Stepping Back”

Get a quiet time and space in which to do this practice. Quiet your mind and concentrate on your breathing. Breath deeply and evenly and try to center yourself, meaning, just find a place of peace where your mind can be at rest. Unless you’re an avatar in meditation, thoughts will gradually start to drift back into your consciousness. Rather than releasing them and bringing your mind back to your breathing, do release them in one big exhale, but let them float on a huge screen (such as a cinema screen) that’s some distance away from you, where they will smear out on the surface of the display. Alternatively, you might like to release them in “bubbles” as if you’re under water. They can either remain in the bubble and you can watch them from the outside or they could “pop” on the surface of the water and play out that way. You can now allow the thought or situation play out in front of you, but try to keep an “outside” point of view as if you were seeing a movie. Try not to be “in” the film or character, just watch and watch. Let the emotions, which can be connected to the scene remain in your “personality”. You, however, are detached. Allow the scene to play out. When the next thought comes, do exactly the same.

Also you can use some terrific brainwave entrainment audio tools, which can help you attain a meditative state (alpha) more quickly, have a look at some of the other links on my site.

Whatever you do, if you’re dedicated to making the Law of Attraction work on your life, make a commitment to becoming aligned with your inner self. This will accelerate the process and take you to another level!

For now, I wish you peace and joy. Please be aware that no matter who you are, regardless of what you’ve done or manifested in your expertise, YOU are an ideal expression of God.