In medical term, hysteria is defined as the condition of both psychological and neurotic disorder characterized by violent emotional outbreaks. Simply, it’s a condition of acute agitation. Such a problem is much more common to younger girls of 14-25 years being teenager and much more sensitive. However, it can be noticed in some men also.

Do Home Remedies for Hysteria Really Work?

Possible triggers and symptoms: Hysteria is an extremely complicated phenomenon, and it may be attributed to a number of varying factors. For instance, how parents treat their children’s is a significant cause. Parents’ ignorance, rude behave, more career concentration, etc may disturb the psychological orders of the children’s and this frequently leads to hysteria at a later stage. Abusing children’s emotionally, physically or sexually may also result in hysterical tendencies.

Sometime they create”phobias” towards some thing or any person whom they believe as a matter of intense fear! Among other reasons, most common are sexual repression, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. that may cause mental illness. Factors like sudden death of a beloved one, failure in business or exams, enormous loss, a false allegation etc may also lead to hysteria.

About symptoms of hysteria, the most common ones are crying or laughing with no motive, redness of eyes, clenched teeth, quick breathing, emotional outbursts together with crying, tensed muscle, swelling of neck veins, partial unconsciousness, etc. There can also be symptoms such as inability to move or cramps in the limb in the event of an acute hysteric patient.

Important home remedies

The best way to deal with hysteria is using easy home remedies. They are largely secure and side-effect free and for that reason, very helpful in such instances. Let’s have a look at the numerous home remedies available for the treatment of hysteria.

Lettuce Leaves

In order to get fast relief from hysteria symptoms, take some fresh juice of lettuce leaves and then add 1 teaspoon of Indian gooseberry within it. Drink this mixture early morning with an empty stomach for around one month regularly.


Take 1 teaspoon of honey in a daily basis so as to recoup from hysteria. This is particularly helpful in case of women patients.


Try to take Asafoetida as a normal thing of your diet or you may smell it too frequently.

Jambul Fruit

Jambolan is another effective home remedy for hysteric patients. You can eat it as fruit or you could prepare a mix of it by adding some salt.

Bottle Gourd

Take a few pulps of the bottle gourd and set them on the mind of the individual. It’s also quite effective in treating hysteria.

Meditation and Yoga

In instance of patients with symptoms such as limb cramp or partial paralysis and swelling of neck veins, etc. regular yoga and meditation might be very useful.


Hysteria being a disorder of a person’s mental and nervous state ought to be treated both ways – towards body and mind. This is since a new mind can reside only in a healthy body. Therefore, the individual should avoid anything damaging to the body like alcohol, excessive junk foods, tea, tobacco, coffee and so forth.

They have to be placed on a healthy diet containing fresh fruits, vegetables and milk. Moreover, much patience and love when caring for a hysteric individual is also crucial. They ought to be educated to think positively about their life.