What is the purpose of neural therapy? Fighting pain in seconds. According to Dr. Huneke, neural therapy involves the injection of local anaesthetics to relieve chronic pain. This method of healing is due to a medical error, similar to the discovery of mesotherapy: Dr. Ferdinand Huneke accidentally injected the anesthetic drug procaine into the vein in the arm of his migrainous sister. Then, the nuisance in her head disappeared within seconds.

Relieving pain

Today, alternative therapy is recognized by naturopaths as a natural healing method. The first scientific evidence is very promising. Huneke’s supporters explain the effect in this way: In case of injury or inflammation, a disturbance field forms in the body, which irritates the surrounding nerves. These then send tiny electrical impulses into the nervous system, which the body cannot tolerate in the long term.

The body reacts with pain, whether in the form of migraine headaches, rheumatism or neuralgia. An injection of procaine or an injection containing only a saline solution gives the nerves a strong impulse to deactivate the interference field. The pain disappears. There is still some disagreement as to whether the effect is due to the procaine or to the mechanical stimulus of the injection.

Side effects are extremely rare. But neural therapy should only be performed by trained doctors. Although side effects are rare, intolerance to anaesthesia can occur and must be treated immediately by an emergency doctor. Contraindications include heart disease, high blood pressure or the use of anticoagulants.

Before starting treatment with neural therapy, a medical diagnosis must be made to make sure, in case of doubt, not to prevent important conventional medical measures. Neural therapy consists of local treatment with injections and the elimination of interference fields. This includes, for example, the extraction of dead teeth, pus centres or tonsils as well as the treatment of scars. Here are the most common interference fields:

      • Scars
      • Sinus
      • Teeth and jaw area
      • The thyroid gland
      • Poorly healed bone fractures
      • The gynecological field
      • The prostate area

The injections are placed on the surface of the skin (wheels) as well as in the deep nervous plexus (especially in thickened areas) or in the joints. Improvement should be achieved very quickly. If this happens within a few seconds, the treatment is considered successful.