Acupressure massage is a regimen that’s been practised since Chinese medicine originated in 1600 BC.

Benefícios da acupressão

The ritual has several hair advantages which have:

        • Remoção de toxinas
        • Health of the bloodstream
        • Bringing oxygen into the scalp
        • growth of the blood into the scalp and face
        • Remoção de caspa, células mortas de pele e detritos

In turn, these benefits lead to stimulated hair growth and the strengthening of existing hair. To boost the overall advantages of acupressure massage, it’s strongly recommended that you use olive oil when massaging the scalp as it neutralises DHT, a hormone that’s connected with baldness.

Azeitona oil contains natural ingredients that reduce the formation of DHT on the scalp; so using it when practising massage you’re helping to promote hair growth on the exterior in addition to internally.

The best way to do it


Start by twirling a lock of hair around your finger and give a gentle tug on the roots, simply to stimulate nerve endings.

The beginning

On the scalp is the location known as “the seat of bliss”, situated about 6-8 finger widths above your eyebrows: begin here. You will have the ability to feel it’s slightly softer than the rest of your skull.

Traços circulares

Begin using circular strokes, massaging lightly at the seat of bliss before branching out across the remainder of the skull; let your strokes to get firmer as you move away from the seat of bliss.

Branch outside

When you branch out pay particular attention to the occipital ridge, this is the attachment point where muscle joins to the skull, just on your hairline over your neck. Here you’ll get a strong acupressure point.

If you are feeling any tension about here apply pressure with your thumb or fingers and hold there for a few minutes; you can hold this stage till a few minutes if you need a deeper release. After releasing you’ll feel the blood flow beginning to flow readily and traces of anxiety will be eliminated.

moderate pressure

Draw a line with your finger down the center of your scalp. There are acupressure points located all the way down online; excite them by applying gentle pressure with your finger pads. Stopping when you get to the base of your hairline.

The border of your hairline

Pay attention to the border of your hairline which frames the face. Not only will massaging these points stimulate hair growth, they are ideal spots to excite for stress relief.


There are acupressure points found throughout the scalp so be certain your finger pads massage the whole area. Repeat the practice of applying pressure and letting go until you feel that the points loosen.

This concludes your hair development massage. After following the instructions the blood circulation together with oxygen and nutrients is propelled towards the scalp. This will nurture growing hair from the inside while the olive oil will do away with DHT build up on the surface.

Pontos de acupressão benéficos

Other strong acupressure points include the jaw attachment points, temples, behind the ears and the inner corner of your eyebrows. Add these points to your daily massage to compliment hair gains. Here’s a quick guide on these points and the advantages of manipulating them.

A mandíbula

Many are left amazed when they find the muscle attachments on the jaw can be stimulated during massage. We hold an immense quantity of tension around our jaw; the sad thing is that many miss out on the awesome consequences stimulating this acupressure point could create.

Massaging the jaw increases blood flow to the facial muscles that gives them a concentrated dose of nourishment; this is turn promotes good muscle tone, a healthy glow and prevention of wrinkles. The best way of massaging the jaw involves allowing your mouth fall open and feeling for regions that are stressed. As soon as you identify stressed points across the muscle attachments start a gentle, circular massage. It’s often quite tender on plenty of people, so be cautious when starting. Be gentle.

Os templos

A round massage of these temples is a well known cure for a headache; however, what many don’t understand is that it also brings blood to the scalp and face. This promotes hair growth and promotes the skin to get a healthy glow. The increased blood flow towards face additionally promotes muscle tone and prevents premature aging. Rhythmical massage round the temples will loosen tension and soreness round the mind and frequently the neck as well when done correctly.

O cume occipital

This is the area located at the rear of the head where the bottom of the skull meets the backbone. Muscle is connected along this stage which frequently becomes stressed and cramped when we’re sat for extended intervals or become stressed.

A slow and rhythmical circular massage or a company stroking movement on stressed points of the occipital ridge will ease neck, shoulder and head pressure. Massaging this area frequently alleviates headaches so well that there’s not any need for painkillers. When using the stroking motion, spinal fluid can be helped along into the backbone; this promotes overall well being and is a excellent stress reliever. Stimulation of points across the Occipital ridge also promotes blood flow to the scalp that promotes hair growth.

Inside of the eyebrow bone

If you’ve spent a lot of hours on the computer or you’re stressed then there’s a simple way to fix this tension headache. Gently press your thumb or forefinger from the inside of your brow bone and transfer it in a circular motion. This point can be quite stressed and sore initially.

Generally, if you press hard enough, you’ll have the ability to feel the pain spread from your eyesocket your neck down. The fantastic thing is that after you’ve worked this stage for two to five minutes that the relief follows the exact same pattern. You’ll feel your tight head loosen and the feeling frequently spreads around the eye socket and across the neck and chin.

Important to notice

Each of the things listed above can have consistent pressure applied to them for a few minutes at a time. “Holding” points for an elongated period of time provides a deeper launch.

Massage releases a whole lot of toxins in the body so it’s critical to drink a considerable amount of water later. This prevents cramps, headaches and muscular fatigue.

Alternate between long, relaxing strokes and massaging acupressure points to get a stress relieving experience. A 1 time massage of the scalp won’t create new hair, you must do it on a daily basis to actually see results.

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