Você já ouviu falar em reflexologia?


This procedure is based on the concept that disease or injury in 1 part of the body can result in a buildup of a chemical which irritates nerve endings in reflex points in the feet, hands and ears. Therefore, reflecting and applying pressure on and gentile manipulation in the points of the feet, hands and ears, corresponds to helps particular regions of the body.

Faça-o você mesmo

For every ailment you can apply pressure on the hands, feet and ears for relief. A few reflex points are clarified here:

Cabeça e pescoço

The reflexes in the palms and feet correspond to the head and throat. For best results massage these reflex points for five to ten minutes at least twice a day and at least four times each week. Occasionally relief will come quickly, or it may take a few days, weeks or more for reflexology to help.

Dor na mandíbula

Use the tip of your index finger, find the little flap of the cartridge near the peak of the earlobe, then move your finger about half an inch toward the rear edge of the ear. Put the tip of the thumb behind the ear and with the index finger on the front, squeeze gently, applying firm, but not painful pressure. Apply pressure on both ears simultaneously.

when you’ve implemented the reflexology on the ear for five to ten minutes, do it on your feet. While seated, place your left foot on the opposite knee. With the left hand grip the big toe and apply pressure with the tip of the thumb to the broadest aspect of the big toe in the area closest to the next toe. Switch legs and repeat, exercise for five to ten minutes.

After trying these methods on the feet and ears for the prescribed amount of time, four times per week, following two weeks the pain will have dissipated into the extent you do not feel pain.

Dor na região lombar

Also works for chronic back pain.  Find the region just above the wrist on the thumb edge of the left palm. Grasping from behind with the fingers of the opposite hand, apply gentle pressure to the point with the tip of the thumb. Gently roll the tip of your thumb when applying pressure. Switch hands and repeat for five to ten minutes four times per week.

Reduzindo a freqüência urinária

You will need to do this simple exercise four to six times per day and it would eliminate the urine frequency.

While sitting, place your left foot in your right knee. Find the place on the inner edge of the left foot that’s a direct line under the ankle bone, where the inner side of the foot and the sole of the foot match. Using your right thumb, apply pressure on this point. Gently grasp and stabilize the left foot together with the fingers on the right hand as you do this. Repeat on the opposite foot. The workout should last from five to ten minutes. Do this every day until urination frequency disappears.

Caution: If the pain is related to a medical condition seek assistance from a physician.

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