We have all discovered that junk-food diets undermine health by contributing to obesity. Now we are hearing even more compelling evidence for eating well: processed, fatty and sugary foods compromise health by dissolving the immune system. With flu season in full swing, now is a fantastic time to make some little shifts in diet which will help defend our bodies from illness. Rather than reaching for things that suppress the immune system (like doughnuts, hotdogs and soda), we could boost it rather by infusing our diets with these wholesome choices.

Cold-water wild fish tuna, salmon and sardines

All of these are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been proven to reduce the risk of coronary disease. Fish also contains magnesium, protein, calcium, and significant b-vitamins.

Chicken Soup

There’s a reason we often crave a hot, home-made chicken soup once we have a cold. Does the steaming broth bring relief with each spoonful, there’s also an amino acid in poultry that imitates a medication used in the treatment of bronchitis.


Have you ever gotten to the end of the day with a headache and reduced energy? It might be that you are dehydrated. The immune system needs loads of water to fight off viruses and toxins that we’re exposed to each day.


A fantastic source of calcium and protein, yogurt also contains live cultures that help digestion, enhance the immune system, and have been proven to fight tumor cells within the body. Avoid yogurt that’s loaded with artificial sweeteners and flavors, or packed with sugar. Choose a brand which contains live and active cultures. We’ve all heard about probiotics and when we are on a calorie reduced diet it can be tough to eat yogurt that’s loaded with sugar and calories.


Nutritionists recommend one clove daily of the immune-boosting herb. It contains allicin, which may shield the body from germs.


With just two calories or less per cup, drinking tea is a simple way to warm you up while supplying antioxidants to boost your immune system.


Oats are packed with minerals, protein, fiber, and antioxidants, which gives them their reputation for reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. The fiber from oats may also stabilize blood sugar, which is 1 reason why most people who have oatmeal for breakfast feel complete until lunchtime.


All of us know oranges for their capability to ward off colds. But they’re also full of glutathione, which enables the immune system to fend off viruses and other foreign invaders.

Sweet Potatoes

Substitute your beige baked spuds with this vibrant, flavorful nutritional powerhouse. Sweet potatoes can be baked with the skin , or sliced and baked as chips if you want your ketchup-dipping fix. Carotenoids, fiber, fiber, and vitamin A are simply a couple of the valuable nutrients in these tubers.


Studies have demonstrated that mushrooms not only stimulate production of white blood cells, they could make the white blood cells more aggressive in fending off invaders.


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