Having pure and perfect skin is a frequent aspiration for people who wish to stay informed about beauty standards. Dark skin isn’t only inherent, but can also be gotten from too much exposure from sunlight, environmental factors like pollution and poor lifestyle choices like eating an unbalanced diet or smoking.

3 Effective Natural Remedies to Whiten Skin

The pigment known as melanin accounts for the color of someone’s skin. When skin cells produce more melanin, a person’s complexion gets darker. The cosmetic market is saturated with products that promise to lighten one’s skin tone. Some of those products have powerful chemicals which, when used aggressively, damage skin.

These natural remedies are simple to locate and prepare at home.


The celebrated and beautiful Cleopatra, is widely known to bathe in milk. This beauty trick is determined by the lactic acid found in milk, which dissolves the proteins holding dead skin cells together.

In a bathtub of warm water, pour in 1 cup of full-fat milk. When drawing a milk bath, it is possible to drop essential oils to make it more soothing. You can also add lemon juice or honey to the mixture for greater whitening effect.

Other milk products like yogurt also contain enzymes that eliminate dead skin cells. You can make a nourishing mask by mixing equal parts of honey and unflavored yogurt. Spread the mask onto your face and body to get at least 15 minutes before rinsing. In lieu of honey, you may also use aloe or avocado.


Regularly applying mashed papaya on the skin will gradually lighten its own tone. Papain, an enzyme found in the papaya fruit, actively breaks down certain proteins. That’s why papaya is good for digesting meat and exfoliating dead skin cells.

Several whitening soaps have papaya as the primary ingredient due to its guaranteed effect. Other than whitening, papaya extracts also lead in creating scars fade quicker, and lighten dark spots and freckles.

Citrus Fruits

Oranges and lemons are abundant sources of Vitamin C, which may make the skin healthy, supple and smooth. Citrus fruits also contain amino acids which are successful bleaching agents that exfoliate dead and dark skin cells.

Mix one part lemon juice and one part water and dab on the solution into a piece of cotton. Spread it in your own skin and let it stand for approximately 15 minutes. Leaving it on for more may cause some irritation. Rinse off the solution and use the moisturizer. Doing this routine for at least two times a week will cause noticeable results after a couple of months.

Another option is a mixture of 2 tablespoons of orange juice and a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply this daily on your face, neck and other areas of the body you want to whiten. Let it sit 20 to 30 minutes and do not forget to moisturize afterwards.


It’s great to know there are easy, cost-friendly and effective skincare solutions. Have you tried them yet?