Being a woman isn’t simple as there lots of embarrassing and uncomfortable health conditions that they need to go through sometimes such as vaginal itching, dryness, burning and a loose vagina. In this report we’re going to go over about an embarrassing medical condition called vaginal itching and find out its causes and some of the curative steps women can take to experience relief.

Causes of Vaginal Itching

There are millions of women worldwide who suffer from vaginal dryness or pruritus vulvae. It is characterized by a sense of tingling and tingling sensation in the vaginal region. Itching from the vagina isn’t confined to any age group and may affect a woman at any stage in life.

There are a good deal of factors which could contribute to the condition but mainly it’s caused because of use of jellies, chemical irritants, synthetic clothes, contraceptive foams and sometimes birth control pills. The genital area as is well known is quite delicate in nature and minor change in its chemical equilibrium can cause a whole lot of problems through intrusion of bacteria resulting in infections.

A woman who’s nearing her menopause or moving through it’s more chances of suffering from vaginal problems as through menopause period the natural hormonal balance becomes influenced mostly reduction of estrogen in the body contributes to issues like vaginal itching because it is the principal hormone responsible for taking care of the health of a vagina.

If a woman is experiencing itching in the vagina it might also be a sign of a yeast infection that are caused as a result of disturbance in the bacterial environment in the vaginal region. Conditions such as diabetes, low immunity and STD and ingestion of antibiotics and birth control pills place a significant cause of the condition.

Remedial Measures

There are a good deal of measures which may be taken to experience relief from itching and burning in the vagina. Let us examine some of these and figure out if they are of any advantage to you.

Home remedies

There is help available in the home too in the shape of alternative medicine. Natural tea tree oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar are a few powerful remedies for vaginal itching.

Visit Your Gynecologist

If you suffer or experience some noticeable changes in your vaginal health you should see your gynecologist who would thoroughly examine you and prescribe some medications and lotions.