Everything we see or perceive is the best residue of some sort of energy. These energies are the derivatives of one primitive form of energy, also called primordial energy. It’s a Coiled Energy also called Kundalini and is represented by a Mystic Serpent.

Primordial Energy

This primordial energy is called “Adi Shakti” or “Adya Shakti” in Indian philosophy, especially in Tantra.

When the “Shakti” goes into the manifestation, she starts that using the creative process which finally shapes itself out of the subtler forms to denser manifestation to grosser forms.

This process of materialization is called involution of energy. The energy condenses and contracts to a limited outline which we identify as the different items to see or feel.

As these changes occur in the macrocosm, it does exactly the exact same thing in human being where the primordial energy slowly manifests itself to denser elements starting from “Sahasrara”, the crown chakra to the “Muladhara” or the root chakra.

The Shakti is present in its limitless expansive country in the crown chakra. This place is the most transcendent, beyond the mind, beyond titles and its corresponding types.

One can’t perceive this invention as a separate entity but as an entire unified all pervasive illumined existence. The subject and the object remains united and as one thing. As the energy goes towards the Pineal gland “Ajna Chakra”, the perception of the presence grows more clear and vivid through the subject-object still stays in the union.

As the “Shakti” further descends, it comes to a point where it must pass through a prism of this matrix or “Maya”. This refracts through this allegorical prism and has dispersed. The conclusion of marriage and the arrival of this duality originate. The object and the subject become independent and we fall into the trap of Maya.

The Invincible Matrix

This Maya is a particular type of mirror with infinite faces. It reflects the identical presence into multiple entities.

It really weaves this production with three characteristics (Tri Gunas) and five elements (Panch Tatwas).

Everything seems to be broken up.

As the Shakti continues to descend, it reaches the “Ajna Chakra” which resides only in the center of the reptilian brain (pineal gland) touches the four facets of the chakra.

    • The Mind (Manas)
    • The Intellect (Buddhi)
    • The subconscious mind (Chitta)
    • The Ego (Ahamkara)

The Adi Shakti then traverses the remainder of the five chakras and finally rests in the “Muladhara” coiling up. This is called the slumber condition of the coiled energy or the Mystic Serpent (Kundalini). The component for Muladhara is ground and is the last stage of this descending energy.

At this time, a human being is already captivated by the illusions of Maya and becomes ready for the life. The external world (projected by Maya) is already equipped with all those things, a person may need. This illusory stage (Pra-Pancha) is called samsara.

The Involution

The involution of Kundalini, or the Primordial Energy, or the Mystic Serpent stops, here in Muladhara and all of the inner progress stops however, the outside actions begin to emerge as the Maya weaves the human body as a kid. This “body” further develops into an adult and wears out in a specific point in time.

A human body is comprised of four types of sheaths. They’re as follows:

    • The body – Reddish tint
    • The astral body – Smoky white tint
    • The causal body – Dark grey or blackish tint
    • The supra causal body – Bright blue

The physical body is the gross state of kundalini energy. It’s the last phase of involution or contraction. It functions within the captivation of circles and Maya from birth to death and vice versa.

The astral body is the next phase that’s subtle and works on the emotional instincts and procedures.

Hunger, thirst, psychological pursuits, confusions, queries etc. will be the actions of the astral body.

The causal body is the repository of the imprints that a human being does on the physical and the astral plane. This sheathes records these imprints and designs another birth that’s the consequence of the last actions. In Sanskrit, it’s called “Niyati” or “Bhagya” or fate.

The supra causal is the state where an individual being has crossed the bounds of Maya and attained the state of “Turiya” or ecstatic state. Here, the mind ceases to exist and just the pure consciousness is different. It’s located in the Sahasrara chakra.

During the process of involution, an individual being opens his eyes to the outside world and wrongfully frees himself as a presence restricted by time, space, knowledge, incompleteness and pervasiveness.

This is the poverty of Shakti which is the reason why people worship the feminine goddess who’s perceived as the embodiment of Shakti.

Our lifestyle contracts and crumbles to the false feeling birth and death cycle.

The Goal

The objective of human life is to comprehend these false projections and try to uncoil the sleeping energy so that it rises again to the Sahasrara and we reach the unified state once more. Then only we will realize our true individuality and potential.