Skin problems and skin disorders are not the worst kind but when it impacts not just 1 part of your body that is as it becomes one hell of a major issue. Acne is one skin problem that disturbs the most people. Apart from it affecting the face, acne can also reach certain regions of our body. The most frequent sites for acne to grow on in a people’ body are the back, the chest, behind the head reaching to the neck, the forearms and shoulders for some cases and also the most embarrassing spot would be near the buttocks. Yes it happens and it’s not the most comfortable feeling.

How To Face It

Handling face acne is very stressful and having to handle body acne is much worse. So how can you treat acne and preventing it from ever coming back? One must first understand that acne has a cycle and that it also takes a constant and continuous process to cure and prevent it from reoccurring. Acne may not be simply treated by over the counter drugs or natural remedies in the home. Acne has a root cause and it will not be identified only by what you eat or what your hygiene practices are. For most people experiencing face body or acne acne, they obtained this by genetics. Dermatologists essentially start off by treating acne by determining the skin type of the person seeking acne therapy. There are four skin types namely dry skin, oily skin, normal skin and combination skin that’s simply oily and dry skin.

There are a whole lot of treatments and practices available either on the web or via self-help books but remedies like this don’t last for long. When it comes to treating face and body acne, it’s important to not forget that the remedy should not just aim to cleanse and get rid of the acne but also to fully eliminate the bacteria causing the acne.

You might have read of the acne treatments used in the home that could include tea tree oil and garlic. These of course are highly effective but these solutions are just short-term meaning they’ll clear skin but it will not stop acne from coming back.

Body acne treatment has to be long-term. Same goes with face acne remedy. Solutions or remedies should be able to completely eliminate the bacteria and keep the skin healthy and supple for long and not for only a brief time period. Thankfully, there’s such a long-term remedy which will completely aid in curing acne scars, preventing it from reoccurring and diminishing the physical signs of acne.

Two Step System

This two-step system comprises mint, refreshing granulated wash together with bacteria fighting tea tree and a treated mineral clay product that cleanses and heals acne. Additionally it is fortified with oregano oil that naturally kills germs causing acne.

Who would greatly benefit from this treatment? Well for those suffering from body acne, this therapy is fantastic for gym enthusiast or bodybuilders who suffer from acne breakouts that occur after long hours of training or workouts. Additionally it is best for people who suffer from hormonal pimple breakouts. This system not only heals acne but in addition, it prevents scarring. Lastly, this product is terrific for those men and women who greatly suffer with excessively oily skin. People with this kind of skin type suffer the worst kinds of acne on the face and the entire body.

So how can this body acne treatment work? As stated earlier, both step system is composed of one: a botanical acne mask and spot two and treatment: a natural body acne scrub. First step, the clay established natural infused mask will be smoothed all over the skin that ought to be dry before going into the shower. The clay needs to be dried for 5 minutes. This permits the antibacterial agents to kill bacteria. Other components like the high grade salicylic acid and citric acid penetrate the skin that opens up the pores and softens skin. Secondly, the body scrub is used to remove the mask. The natural walnut shell part effectively cleanses the skin and invigorates blood circulation to localized regions of the body. This not only clears the body of acne but leaves the skin smoother and clearer.