Cases in point being the active chemicals used in some drugs which, whereas efficient on eradicating acne, come with huge discomforts like allergic reactions they trigger in patients. Some even have an addictive and dependency impact in victims. Even then, there are many acne masking methods in the market although patients not often think about them as a primary resort. A few of these are modern and expensive whereas others are natural, simple to make and effective against acne. Natural acne masking methods yield effective outcomes, particularly when used accordingly.


This is one of the best natural acne healing/masks available in the market. Naturally, oatmeal attracts and colonizes the skins’ impurities stopping them from jamming the blood flow. It also absorbs excess of sebum, making the skin less moist. When this is utilized correctly, the outcomes come fast.

Apple cider vinegar

This is normally applied using water and a few cotton wool on the pores and skin surface the place pimples attacks the most. As a weak acid, apple cider vinegar impacts the pores and skin pH. When the pH of the pores and skin is lowered during application, bacteria and different microbes that clog glands and vessels within the skin are killed. Usually, application should take roughly 10 minutes, before it’s rinsed with water.


It is one of the few citrus fruits which have several uses including its use as a natural treatment or masks for acne. It may be used interchangeably with apple cider vinegar, relying on your skin condition and preferences.

Tea Tree oil

It’s a natural treatment for acne that is used as natural gel. It is probably the most widespread natural acne remedies in mainstream pharmacies and can be used with other essential oils like jojoba.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is likely one of the best acne scar removal remedies on the market. As a hype plant, its solution can work successfully against acne.


This makes a masks full of anti-oxidants. These kinds of masks facilitate the eradication of toxins from the skin. At most, garlic is used as a mineral supplement. Its operate in skin rejuvenation is marked.


Bananas make some of the most profound masks that can be used to cure acne. Because they contain vitamin C, they assist quell pores and skin redness and swelling. That is great for the acne recession.


The wonders honey plays on acne are profound. The truth is, a number of acne masks treatments are tailored around honey. For instance, yoghurt marks and banana masks are sometimes implemented using honey. It really works the same way as honey does and helps sooth the skin.