In the modern world, all of us lead such busy lives. With hectic careers, pressing family obligations, community obligations, exercise routines and much more. It can be tough to get a moment’s peace.

The Ideal Inner Sanctuary

An ideal way to give yourself perfect solitude is to create an inner sanctuary in your dwelling. But you might be thinking, “I really don’t have space for anything else in my residence!” Don’t worry — the idea isn’t to add more, simply to highlight what you already have. Your inner sanctuary works with your life, not in direct competition with your life. You know you’ve got the ideal inner sanctuary when it fits comfortably with your life like an old pair of sneakers you’ve always adored.

Begin by setting your perfect intention

Which is to make an inner sanctuary. But your reasons for needing an inner sanctuary might be so different from the neighbor down the block. Your neighbor might need stress relief from her 60-hour workweek, as you would prefer a few moments to yourself as a stay-at-home mom to four boys. Personalize your intention for the best results.

Clear out all of the clutter

Once you’ve discovered your little corner or corner where you’ll have your inner refuge, clear out all the clutter that might have existed there. Clutter actually affects us emotionally, so don’t be surprised when this has deep spiritual influence upon you. Simply clearing the mess can be quite healing and a moving experience.

Investigate Feng Shui practices

Feng Shui is the oriental art of placing objects and furniture in your house in the perfect spot for balance in your life. Having pairs of items can be very helpful in your inner sanctuary if you’re hoping to work on recovery a love affair — as pairs of things represent paired amorous relationships. Flowers or even statues of animals can be perfect. Reds and pinks are excellent romantic relationship colours.

Welcome all your senses

Your inner sanctuary should invite one by sight, smell, sound, touch and taste. As you input your inner sanctuary you need to feel a sense of calm and peace wash over you. Think deeply before adding or removing things from the inner sanctuary. Always ask, “Will this improve my inner sanctuary?” Listen to your instinct, since it will always lead you to make the best decision.

Create a meditation area

An inner sanctuary is the perfect area for daily meditation or even just quiet reflection. A daily meditation practice can be useful for you on several levels — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Add a comfy cushion to sit on and some meditation music to play as you meditate. Consider adding pictures or items that you find inspirational or sacred. They’ll raise your spirit higher as you move into meditation.

Nurture yourself through your environment

Any internal sanctuary that you create should fill your soul with good calmness and peace. The colours and layout of your inner sanctuary is deeply personal, as everything you add to your inner sanctuary isn’t necessarily what another would place in their inner sanctuary. Give yourself great self indulgent and nurturing through your inner sanctuary.

Make the choice if others are welcome

While some inner sanctuaries can be found in public areas of the house, others are considered strictly “off-limits.” If you live with other individuals, you’ll need to determine if your inner sanctuary is a place where others are welcome to enter. Deciding to invite your kids or spouse into meditate with you can bring more peace in their own lives and your relationships. But it can also take away this very private space you have created. Some internal sanctuaries can be made to be totally portable so you can set them up and take them down. One woman with eight children made an inner sanctuary from a covered milk crate and opening her big closet doors. When her kids watched the cupboard doors opened, they knew Mommy was having “personal time.”

An inner sanctuary can be inspirational and healing

Your inner sanctuary is a place you can go to every day, in the morning and once more in the evening. Take this opportunity to meditate, pray or read inspirational books or quotations. This inner sanctuary will nurture and feed you gently every day. This special place is something which each one of us deserves to have in our own lives.