In this guide we present powerful organic remedies for three health conditions that often affect children: asthma, head lice, and pink eye. Orthodox medical doctors and the drug conglomerates will not be overly thrilled that you understand these natural remedies; they don’t have any method of patenting or monetizing those remedies.

Three Natural Cures Your Kids Want You To Know!

The Asthma Remedy

Asthma is a serious (if not frightening) disease in which the airway becomes inflamed, resulting in wheezing, loss of breath, and tightness in the chest. About 15 million people suffer from asthma and there are over half a million hospitalizations resulting from this disease.

The incidence of asthma has been increasing for each age group affected. Children have the highest growth; over the past ten years the rate of asthma in children has increased by over 90%. Parents with asthmatic children will know the fastest remedy for an asthma attack comes from medication, but there are occasions when a child’s inhaler isn’t available.

There are two natural ways to treat an asthma attack that relate to the calming effect that warm liquid has on bronchial tubes. First, attempt some hot soup that may soothe the bonchials. However, the next remedy can be effective as it features a warm liquid with an extra ingredient: caffeine. Coffee or tea, with caffeine, can open airways like the manner inhalers do, so try this during an asthma episode if no medication is available.

The Pink Eye Cure

Before 1938, patentable antibacterial drugs hadn’t been developed, so colloidal silver has been the primary”medication” for fighting infections. It is quietly used today as a cleaning agent in water tanks, by airlines for in-flight water purification, and by NASA to purify water onto the Space Shuttle. Why? Colloidal silver was proven to destroy about 650 viral, bacterial, and fungal”bugs.”

This silver has been applied to both normal and resistant strains of staphylococcus aureus bacteria and incubated at 37 degrees centigrade. The staph cultures were murdered in just four minutes!

Pink eye (pinkeye) or conjunctivitis is an extremely infectious disease in which the conjunctiva or membrane that covers the eye is infected by a virus or bacterial infection. Although benign, the challenge is to maintain infected relatives from contaminating those around them. This challenge, however, was met with colloidal silver.

Many individuals are treating their pink eye by employing a couple of drops of colloidal silver in their own eyes, twice per day.

The Head Lice Cure

Mom and dad, if you are tired of “nit picking,” then listen. About ten million individuals are afflicted with head lice and their eggs, or “nits.” The head louse lives in human hair rather near the scalp where it feeds on human blood. Female lice lay around 10 eggs each day and the babies, or nits, hang-on to strands of hair with amazing tenacity.

Getting rid of head lice is a three-step procedure. You should kill all of the live lice, check for and remove all the nits by combing and manual nit picking, and you need to do a thorough job of cleaning the infested person’s possessions and home environment.

A doctor has discovered what he believes is the best, quickest natural treatment for head lice nonetheless: petroleum jelly. This cure functions not by poisoning the lice (such as the prescription medication accessible ), but by smothering them.

The dr. recommends slathering petroleum jelly on your child’s scalp and hair from the evening before bed. Then put a shower cap on the kid and allow him to sleep the night with the cap . By morning, the lice and knits are smothered. The down side? Children have to do repeated shampoos to remove the petroleum jelly, so their hair might look oily for some time.


When Hippocrates stated “the doctor treats but nature heals,” he was describing the human body’s natural tendency toward decreasing illness and creating optimum health. As we all know, but the body requires a little help occasionally. Alternative health practices can support the body in its own natural propensity toward healing by applying quite powerful remedies.